You can find interesting infographics on a range of topics covered by Parliament, here. We have infographics covering everything from corruption stats and social assistance usage, to higher education transformation and parliamentary openness. Please feel free to use our information, but if you do, please credit People's Assembly and let us know.

Provincial Budget Dates 2024

SOPA Dates 2024

Public Service Month

Batho Pele Principles

Provincial Budget Dates 2023

SOPA Dates 2023

5 Ways To Get Involved in Parliament

What Do Provincial Legislatures Do?

Second Term Review of Parliament 2022

Understanding Constituency Offices

Parliamentary Cycle 2022

Mineworkers' Provident Fund

Role of Ward Councillors

South Africa's Voting Landscape

What exactly do Provincial Legislatures do?

What we know about the upcoming Local Government Elections

How to Register as an Independent Candidate

What Exactly Do Provincial Legislatures Do?

Youth in Parliament 2021

What about the Political Party Funding Act?

2021 First Term review of Parliament

2021 Provincial Budget Speeches

State of Province Address 2021

2021 1st Quarter Parliament Programme

MPs on Twitter: Who holds the influence?

A-Z Parliamentary Parlance

International Day of Democracy - 15 September

2019/20 Crime Stats Relating to Sexual Offences

2020 Draft Bills in Parliament at the Moment

6th Parliament: Turnover, Youth & Gender

Provincial Legislatures: Age and Gender Breakdown

South African Cabinet

New Ramaphosa Cabinet: 2019

Provincial Legislatures, Speakers & Premiers

Elections 2019

Provincial Budgets: 2019

2019: State of the Province Address (SOPA)

Important dates on the parliamentary calendar

Parliament 2018 - review in numbers

Committees: Who put in the work in 2018?

Sanitation in Schools

Parliament 2018: Third term review

Zero-VAT Results

Ministerial Attendance in Parliament: Is Ramaphosa’s Cabinet doing better?

Parliament 2018: Second Term Review

Why Parliaments Matter

Youth Day: How many MPs Qualify?

Who made submissions on land debate?

SAA bail-out: Results

2017 Health Outcomes

MPs Guide to Running a Constituency Office

Everything You Need to Know About Constituency Offices

Parliament 2018 - first term review

SAPS - Allocation of Resources

2018 Provincial Budget Dates

2018 Cabinet Reshuffle

2018 State of the Province Addresses

Trains in SA: Vandalism and Violence

The Budget Explained

#Budget2018 Cycle: Key dates

Parliamentary Calendar: 2018

Parliament 2017 - review in numbers

2016/17 SASSA beneficiaries

Party funding: survey results

Cost to Communicate

2016/17 National Crime Statistics

2016/17 Departmental audit outcomes

Parliament 2017: Third Term Review

Cybercrimes & Cybersecurity

Sugar Tax

Poverty trends in SA 2006 - 2015

Women in Parliament

Motions of no confidence - The Zuma years

Hard to believe...but Ministers are showing up in Parliament

Parliament 2017: Second Term Review

Second Term Recap

Debt in South Africa

Domestic Violence

Teenage Pregnancy & Sexual Behaviour

Budget Votes - How does it work?

Parliament 2017: First term review

Cabinet Reshuffle

Food Security

Municipal Debt

2016 National Crime Statistics

Budget 2017: How will it be spent?

SA Labour Market Stats

Interesting facts about SONAs

Everything you need to know about #SONA2017

Living conditions of SA households

Parliamentary Calendar 2017

The Fifth Parliament - 2016 review in numbers

School readiness report: 2017

Service Delivery Protests

Water and Sanitation

Debt in SA

SASSA beneficiaries

Constitutional Awareness in SA

Skills Supply and Demand in SA

2015/16 Departmental audit outcomes

Food Security

Fifth Parliament - third term review

Policing Gangsterism

Update on drought impact

Rhino poaching

Age of Criminal Capacity

2015/16 National Crime Statistics

Public Protector nomination

Public Protector Candidates

Female councillors in the metros

Election results - Metros

Voting in the 2016 Municipal Elections

How long does it take to pass and enact Bills?

What will we vote for?

Update on the appointment of the Public Protector

Parliament 2016 - second term review

SA's hardest working MPs

2014/15 Municipal Audit Outcomes

SAPS Hotspots Interventions

Are we ready for the 2016 Municipal Elections?

Mining - occupational diseases, injuries & fatalities

Women and the 2016 Local Government Elections

Performance of the Expanded Public Works Programme

Higher Education Budget Analysis

Parliament 2016 - First term review

Burden of Disease in SA

Overview of the South African Labour Market

Challenges in the Mining Industry

Budget 2016: How will it be spent?

SA's voting landscape

Food Security

Parliamentary Calendar 2016

Fifth Parliament: 2015 review in numbers

Drought impact on agriculture

Electronic Monitoring

Artisan development

Drought Management

Higher Education Funding

Bucket Eradication - December 2015 deadline

Departmental audit outcomes: 2013/14 - 2014/15

SASSA Beneficiaries

Public Participation Snapshot

National Crime Statistics - 2014/15

The Fifth Parliament 2015 - Third Term Review

Jobs Fund Performance

Police Officers Killed On and Off Duty

Rhino poaching and arrests in numbers

Unemployment Stats: 2015

Regulation of the engineering industry and foreign engineers in SA

Operation Fiela: Number of Arrests made so far

Women & Persons with Disabilities employment targets

School safety, violence and bullying - stats

Youth Development and the National Development Plan

State of employment equity in SA 2014/15

MPs and Constituency Offices - How they can help you

Rules to stop disruptions during parliament proceedings

Fifth Parliament 2015 - Second Term Review

Infographic: EPWP contribution to work opportunities 2014/15

Decline in SA Tourism - June 2015

State of Youth Unemployment in South Africa, 2015

Education Infrastructure Spending in SA as at 31 March 2015

New Immigration Regulations: How it affects SA

Child Justice Act implementation - progress report

Breakdown of debt owed by and to municipalities

South Africa – Migration and the effect on urbanisation

Recent xenophobic attacks - The stats

Rail usage benefits and train fare increases in 2015/16

Public Representatives and their salaries - Remuneration 2005/6 - 2014/15

Fifth Parliament 2015 - First Term Review

Firearm restrictions in South Africa - For or against?

Wind Energy: How SA will benefit in the future

Bucket Toilet Eradication 2015 – progress so far

Energy crisis and government’s Five-Point Plan

Parliament's Strategic Plan 2014-2019

Rhino Poaching Update – 2015

National Senior Certificate Results 2014

An MP's guide to organising a constituency office

Tax increases according to the 2015 Budget

The 2015 Budget, simplified

Parliamentary Calendar 2015: Important dates

Fifth Parliament - 2014 review in numbers

Tourism and its contribution to SA's economic growth

The Presidential hotline: How responsive has government been?

Substance Abuse in South Africa

The land claims process

The National Senior Certificate: Stricter pass requirements and possible subject changes

The state of organ donations in South Africa

Law enforcement in the environment

Overview of Members Interests Declarations

Olympic Games 2016: Are we ready for Rio?

Departmental audit outcomes 2012/13 - 2013/14

Air Pollution in South Africa: Which communities face major health risks?

Early Childhood Development Programmes in numbers

The National Prosecuting Authority: 2013/14 performance - conviction rates, court successes

Millennium Development Goal 5: Slow decline of maternal deaths in South Africa

Women and youth unemployment on the rise

Directors-General in numbers: Executive stability and its effects on departmental performance

The Fifth Parliament: Second Term Review in Numbers

Prisoner rehabilitation in numbers

Corruption update by Minister: Is corruption being curtailed?

An evaluation of parliamentary openness

Special needs education in South Africa

South African universities need more internationalisation

The effects of climate change on our water reserves

Violence against children in South Africa

Local Government Audit Results: 2012/13

Evaluating the impact of firearm regulation on gun-homicides

Rhino poaching on the rise

South Africa's energy future

The Fifth Parliament - First Session Review

MP Questions - Evaluating oversight and accountability

The Economic Development Department on SA’s growth and unemployment

The state of higher education, 1994 to the present

The 2015 budget cycle - Key dates

Social Assistance Grants: 31% of South Africans are accessing social grants. Which grants are beneficiaries utilising?

Monitoring the Performance of HoDs

Departmental performance: Budget vs spending

Mine health and safety in numbers

Private Members' Bills: How effective have they been?

The parliamentary calendar: How MPs spend their year

State of the Nation Address word cloud:

SONA over the years - Themes, priorities and length of speeches

The A to Z of what new MPs should know about Parliament:

ANC list of candidates for committee chairpersons

Women in Parliament - From the First Parliament to the Fifth

A breakdown of Premiers, Speakers and MPLs per province

How is Parliament accountable to the public?

A gender breakdown of the NA and NCOP Members:

Election results and allocation of seats in Parliament 2014

National Assembly: What happens after the elections? National Council of Provinces: What happens after the elections?

The Voting Process