The Week ahead: Pres Ramaphosa in the spotlight

Parliament is winding down and there is a busy week scheduled in the main chambers and committee corridor.

But everything will be overshadowed by the decision of the independent panel, which has to determine whether President Ramaphosa has a prima facie case to answer on Phala Phala. The Panel has ...

The Week Ahead: Question Time & Electoral Legislation

The Week Ahead: Final Term Begins

Get To Know Yoliswa Yako

1. How did you come to join your political party and become an MP?

  • I was working for a corporate bank in 2013, when I came across The Founding Manifesto of the EFF. That was a turning point in my life as I had become severely despondent with the way ...

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Social Development Month: Interview with Liezl Linda Van Der Merwe

What is your role on the Portfolio Committee on Social Development?

I am an active member of the Portfolio Committee; my responsibilities include considering all legislation, reports and various other issues that are brought before the Committee, as well as to bring mandates on behalf the IFP. More importantly, it ...

Understanding South African Government

The Constitution

In order to understand how the South African government functions, we must first understand the significance of the Constitution. Following the 1994 transition from the Apartheid regime to a democratic republic, there was a need to create a body of principles that could enshrine the fundamental human ...

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2022 Review of Parliament

Understanding Constituency Offices

How to Navigate the People's Assembly Website

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5 Ways To Get Involved in Parliament

2022 Review of Parliament

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5 Ways To Get Involved in Parliament