Sixth Parliament Review

PMG is excited to launch the review of Sixth Parliament.

The Sixth Parliament has been unprecedented, historical, and foundational.Commencing on 22 May 2019, the Sixth Parliament looked to represent a new dawn for the country, ushering in a period of parliamentary reform, accountability and efficacy in the wake of the institutional devastation wrought by years of rampant state capture. It's also been a mixed bag with moments of progress, turbulence, controversy, and setbacks. The end of the Sixth Parliament coincides with the 30th anniversary of the democratic Parliament.

The gains made are undeniable and considerable however the upcoming elections could be an opportunity to revitalise Parliament. Observing the work of Parliament and strengthening and protecting our legislative body, lies at the heart of PMG. Through great effort, we have put together this comprehensive review of the Sixth Parliament. Parliament is a vital institution. We hope this will contribute to the broader debate about its role, stature and the impact it should have on all South Africans. Read here


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