Mr Hlanganani Siphelele Gumbi

National Assembly

Formerly: KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Legislature

Hlanganani Siphelele Gumbi

About Hlanganani Siphelele Gumbi

Mr Siphelele Gumbi is a member of the Democratic Alliance and is a member of the National Assembly. He currently serves in the Portfolio Committee for Tourism.

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2021 committee attendance as mp

92% attendance rate

Attended 12 meetings out of 13

2020 committee attendance as mp

97% attendance rate

Attended 28 meetings out of 29

2019 committee attendance as mp

100% attendance rate

Attended 21 meetings out of 21

Attendance Methodology

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Parliament Register of Members' Interests 2019 [Source]


Public/Private Source
KZN Legislature – Parliament Parliamentary Pension


Nature Name of Company Number of Shares Nominal Value
Pty (Ltd) HSG Solutions 100% R1.00


Type of Business Activity Directorship/Partnership in any Corporate Body
Numerous HSG Solutions


Description of Property Location – Area Extent of the Property
Private Home Durban 70m² 1 bedroom
Private Land Esikhawini 33%

Committee appearances

  • Election of Chairperson; Engagement with Tourism Policy Review Panel 31 Aug 2021

    Mr H Gumbi (DA) wanted to know what the tourism sector in South Africa was doing to significantly reduce the cost of traveling to South Africa or traveling within South Africa, and made an example of how the cost of traveling, including accommodation and activities, in Thailand was very low. ...
  • Department of Tourism 2020/21 Quarter 4 performance 17 Aug 2021

    Mr H Gumbi (DA) asked what are the key outcomes for the Programme 2 bilateral relations workshops which are going to be implemented, considering the space the tourism sector is in? How will they be implemented into the future? How will they differ from previous workshops?
  • Support provided by banking sector to tourism industry, especially SMMEs 1 Jun 2021

    Mr H Gumbi (DA) said that he was covered by Mr De Freitas.
  • South African Tourism 2021/22 Annual Performance Plan 5 May 2021

    Mr H Gumbi (DA) said that a lot of questions he had were more appropriately directed to the Department and the PC had the opportunity to do so yesterday (4 May 2021). He wanted to hear the view of the SAT CEO regarding the increasingly standardised tourism protocol where people ...
  • Department of Tourism 2021/22 Annual Performance Plan 4 May 2021

    Mr H Gumbi (DA) asked if the policy review suggests free grading that is accepted by all parties? It is one thing to review a policy with new suggestions and new knowledge, but it is another thing to review it with a policy consideration that is now generally accepted across ...

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  • WEDNESDAY, 3 DECEMBER 2019 3 Dec 2019

    Hon Minister, you can't get around the fact that persons with low incomes ultimately need credit to


    Hon Minister and guests, we know the tourism sector is a big job creator. It's where chefs, waiters, cleaners, barmen, tour guide operators and many taxi cab drivers get their jobs. I think that my colleague, the hon Manny De Freitas has explained succinctly. This is why the DA is ...

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