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Hlanganani Siphelele Gumbi


  • 2020-w2453 - 02 December 2020 2 Dec 2020

    (1)(a) What is the total annual water allocation from the Oranje-Fish River Tunnel scheme that diverts water from the Gariep Dam to the Fish River Valley to the Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan Municipality (NMBMM) and (b) who or what manages the specified water allocation to NMBMM; (2) whether the NMBMM ...
  • 2020-w544 - 01 June 2020 1 Jun 2020

    (a) What are the relevant details of the status of the Motumo Trading in Capricorn District Municipality, (b) what is the purpose of the project and (c) on what date will the project be completed?
  • 2020-w847 - 28 May 2020 28 May 2020

    What (a) total number of applications for Covid-19 funding relief have been received through the Tourism Relief Fund in each province to date, (b) number of the specified applications have been (i) approved and (ii) rejected in each case in each province and (c) was the Rand value of each ...
  • 2020-w843 - 28 May 2020 28 May 2020

    With reference to the reprioritisation of the budget of her department as a result of Covid-19, what (a) changes will be made in the budget per line item, (b) criteria will be used to (i) increase and/or (ii) decrease line items and (c) are the relevant amounts in each case?
  • 2020-w326 - 30 April 2020 30 Apr 2020

    (1)Whether a report has been commissioned to establish the (a) number of tourists who arrive in the Republic for hunting in the captive lion industry and (b) loss in tourism revenue caused by the international outcry over the captive lion industry; (2) what are the details of the revenue generated ...
  • 2020-w545 - 23 April 2020 23 Apr 2020

    What total amount has her department injected into the Motumo Trading Post project in the Capricorn District
  • 2019-w1332 - 18 November 2019 18 Nov 2019

    What (a) steps is her department taking to eliminate delays in the implementation of the Working for Tourism projects and (b) are the deadlines, milestones and timelines of each specified project?
  • 2019-w825 - 05 November 2019 5 Nov 2019

    What number of (a) police stations operate between lnanda, KwaMashu and Ntuzuma in the eThekwini Metropolitan Municipality, (b) police officers are allocated to each of the specified police stations, (c) vehicles are operational at each police station and (d)(i) firearms are allocated to each police station and (ii) the specified ...
  • 2019-w1118 - 29 October 2019 29 Oct 2019

    (1)With reference to the Inanda, Ntuzuma and KwaMashu areas in eThekwini, KwaZulu-Natal, what total number of (a) government-sponsored houses have been built and (b) title deeds for houses have been given to residents in each of the above areas since 2014; (2) what total number of (a) houses were built ...
  • 2019-w746 - 17 October 2019 17 Oct 2019

    Whether his department hosted any event and/or function related to its 2019 Budget Vote debate; if so, (a) where was each event held, (b) what was the total cost of each event and (c) what is the name of each person who was invited to attend each event as a ...