Everything You Need To Know About Municipal Budgets

What are Municipal Budgets?

Budgets are financial plans for the upcoming year that show the forecasted expenditure and income for the municipality. The budgets determine how public resources from the National Revenue Fund will be utilised to perform service delivery obligations and provide for the municipality’s needs.

The municipal budget ...

The Week Ahead: President and Parliament’s Budget Vote Debates Take Centre Stage

In the National Assembly, the main plenary event will be the debate on the Presidency's budget vote scheduled on Thursday and the President’s reply a day later.

The Constitution confers on the Presidency the responsibility of leading a capable developmental state. A capable state is well-run and well-managed, with clear ...

The Week Ahead: Budget Vote Debates - Round 2

It’s the second week of budget vote debates in the National Assembly and the frenetic pace of committee meetings and mini-plenary sessions continue.

The debates are a platform for Ministers to unpack the work of government and to give an account of their spending plans and priorities for the year. ...

2022 Provincial Budget Dates

The Week Ahead: Question Time, Mini-Plenaries & Budget 2022

The Week Ahead: Question Time, Mini-Plenaries & Budget 2022

There's a full and mixed flavour to the coming week's parliamentary business.

The major points of interest will come from the Question Time session with the Executive and mini-plenaries. There are also several high-profile meetings in the Committee corridor including legislative ...

2022/23 Budget Speech: Reaction by Assembly of the Unemployed & the cry of the Xcluded

Budget 2022/3: Tell no lies, claim no easy victories

“Accordingly, we have decided to keep money in the pockets of South Africans. “ – Minister Enoch Godongwana

This is an ideologically driven budget, which assumes that the way out of the country’s economic and social crisis is through creating the ...

The Week Ahead: #Budget2022 in the spotlight

Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana’s maiden Budget Speech on Wednesday, 23 February will dominate headlines this week.

The Budget presents an overall synopsis of the state of the country’s finances, amendments to tax, distribution of revenue across spheres of government and distribution of expenditure across national departments. It serves as a ...

The Week Ahead: 25th anniversary of the Constitution.

25th anniverssary

There are a few weeks left until Parliament’s mid-year break.

In the remaining days, the legislative body is scheduled to consider and vote on several Bills, conduct important debates, appropriate funding, scrutinise government performance, oversee government’s COVID-19 response, consider statutory appointments and finalise assorted Committee Reports.

A major highlight this ...

National to Local Money Matters


Tracking the public purse can be a daunting process, right?

But what if we told you that there are ways to source information about how the National Treasury allocates money to national, provincial and local government departments to fund social programmes.

What can also get daunting is sourcing information on ...

2021 Provincial Budget Speeches

The spotlight is now focused on the provinces, as they highlight how their provincial budgets will be spread out across the different government department and programmes. The infographic below provides a useful calendar of the different Provincial Budget Speeches due to take place in the month of March.

*Please note ...