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Committee Meetings Attended

  • Health Health Care Services for Mentally Ill: Mpumalanga & Northern Cape Departments of Health
    7 Jun 2017

    The Mpumalanga and Northern Cape Provincial Departments of Health briefed the Portfolio Committee on Health on the state of health care services for mentally ill patients in their provinces.

    State of mental health: Mpumalanga

    According to the Mpumalanga Department of Health (DOH) mental health was an integral part of health ...

  • Finance Standing Committee Sugary Beverages Tax & Rates and Monetary Amounts Bill: public hearings
    6 Jun 2017

    The Committee held its fourth day of public hearings on the Sugary Beverages Tax.

    Before the submissions were heard, National Treasury stated that extensive consultations were conducted by it and evidence to that effect could be furnished. Changes had been made to the Rates Bill after these extensive consultations. Design ...

  • Health Committee Report on Health Budget
    11 May 2017

    The Committee’s report on the Annual Performance Plan of the Department of Health, its entities was carefully considered by Members. Many of the issues identified for correction were minor.

    The report was adopted with changes but the DA reserved its rights.

  • Health Health Department on its Annual Performance Plan
    4 May 2017

    The Department of Health presented its Annual Performance Plan (APP) highlighting the Department made a lot of improvement regarding life expectancy, infant mortality rate and other programmes. Life expectancy increased from 57.1 to 63.3 years as of 2015, there was a significant decrease in Under Five Mortality Rate- reportedly 56 ...

  • Health NHLS, Office of Health Standards Compliance, Council for Medical Schemes, Compensation Commissioner for Occupational Diseases Annual Performance Plan
    3 May 2017

    The National Health Laboratory Service, Office of Health Standards Compliance, Council for Medical Schemes and Compensation Commissioner for Occupational Diseases presented their strategic and annual performance plans. The main highlights of the presentations related to suspended officials within the institutions who were undergoing disciplinary proceedings, changes in organisational structure and ...

  • Health Medical Research Council on its Annual Performance Plan; AGSA, FFC & Stats SA input
    2 May 2017

    The Auditor-General of South Africa (AGSA) said a number of targets had been taken out of the National Department of Health’s annual performance plan (APP) and had been transferred into the provincial departments’ APPs. The white paper on the national health insurance (NHI) scheme, funding modality, the discussion paper on ...

  • Standing Committee on Appropriations Delivery of Health Services: National Department of Health; Auditor-General of SA; Provincial Departments of Health: Free State, North West, and Eastern Cape
    22 Mar 2017

    The joint meeting was held to consider the effective coordination and alignment of national and provincial spheres of government in the delivery of health services, so as to ensure value for money, efficient planning and resource allocation. The National Department of Health, the Office of the Auditor General, National Treasury, ...

  • Health Health Sector Report: briefing by Auditor-General
    1 Mar 2017

    The Office of the Auditor-General presented the Health Sector report to the Committee. It provided information which had the potential of empowering the Committee during its oversight functions by focusing on key areas of service delivery. The report was based on findings of audits conducted in selected hospitals from the ...

  • Health Information sharing meeting with the German Delegation
    24 Feb 2017

    The Committee met with the delegates from the Budget Committee on Health from Germany. The delegates declared that their intention for coming to South Africa was to learn more about the South African health system and to explore opportunities for co-operation, with a focus on the issues of HIV/AIDS. The ...

  • Health Pharmaceuticals management at Departments of Health: Auditor General briefing
    22 Feb 2017

    A delegation from the Auditor General of South Africa (AGSA) presented their report on the performance audit of the management of pharmaceuticals at the Department of Health. Key findings of the report were separated into different levels of the distribution of pharmaceuticals. These included policies and planning, procurement, distribution to ...

  • Finance Standing Committee Taxation of Sugar Sweetened Beverages: public hearings
    14 Feb 2017

    Healthy Living Alliance (HEALA) said that in Tembisa, a township in Johannesburg, it was easy to access sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs) where advertising for SSBs was at every corner. It could no longer be ignored what multinationals were doing. Almost all schools had their names written on Coca Cola SA billboards; ...

  • Appointment to the Commission for Gender Equality Election of the Chairperson
    23 Nov 2016

    The Committee met to elect the Chairperson of the Ad Hoc Committee on the Filling of Vacancies for Gender Equality. The Committee decided to meet the following week to adopt its programme.