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Ms. Graham joined the Democratic Alliance (DA) as a member in 2007, however became an active member in 2009. She organised a DA branch in Aberdeen, a small town in Eastern Cape, and was elected as the Chairperson. In 2011, she was elected as a Councillor. She was re-elected in 2016 and served in the Portfolio Chairperson on Corporate Services and on the Executive Committee of the Dr Beyers Naude Local Municipality. She now serves as a Member of Parliament in the National Assembly. Read more.

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100% attendance rate

Attended 32 meetings out of 32

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83% attendance rate

Attended 15 meetings out of 18

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  • Questions asked to the Minister of Finance 7 Dec 2020

    (1)With reference to municipalities that deduct pension fund contributions from employees every month, but in many cases do not pay such contributions over to the pension funds, (a) which municipalities have failed to pay over pension fund contributions since 1 April 2020 and (b) what (i) is the breakdown by ...
  • Questions asked to the Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy 27 Nov 2020

    (1) With reference to borrow pits being required to meet certain statutory requirements, (a) what pre-planning and licensing requirements exist where borrow pits are being mined on land belonging to a traditional authority, (b) how does this differ from borrow pits on state-owned land, (c) who is responsible for monitoring ...
  • Questions asked to the Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure 26 Nov 2020

    (1)With reference to the Sarah Baartman Centre of Remembrance breaking ground in April 2014 with an initial budget of R 165,4 million and a proposed completion date in October 2016, (a) what is the current anticipated cost of the specified centre, (b) what total amount of the new costs relate ...

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