Ms Nkagisang Poppy Koni

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Nkagisang Poppy Koni


  • Committee Legacy Report 30 Jul 2019

    Ms N Koni (EFF, Northern Cape) was of the view that this was one of the most important select committees in the NCOP, and said she was happy that the Chairperson had emphasised after her election that priority would be given to the unfinished business of the previous Parliament. The ...
  • Department of Public Enterprises 2019/20 Annual Performance Plan 17 Jul 2019

    After apologies had been recorded, Ms N Koni (EFF, Northern Cape) excused herself from the meeting in protest over the presence of the Minister, who she accused of being a “constitutional delinquent”.
  • Department of Energy 2019/20 Annual Performance Plan 16 Jul 2019

    Ms N Koni (EFF; Northern Cape) said there are communities which have never had electricity in their lives and these were not new areas. She implored the Minister to visit these wards. She appreciated the presence of the Minister and Deputy Minister. The Executive must embrace the Committee and not ...
  • Department of Mineral Resources 2019/20 Annual Performance Plan 9 Jul 2019

    Ms N Koni (EFF; Northern Cape) expressed concern that Kuruman in the Northern Cape was rich in minerals, but the level of unemployment, extent of illiteracy and lack of development was alarming. There was illegal mining, and the Department was not doing enough to investigate and resolve these issues. The ...
  • Election of Chairperson 26 Jun 2019

    Ms N Koni (EFF, Northern Cape) remonstrated with Mr Nhanha for his interruption of Ms Bowers, saying stated that he should allow her to finish. The advocate was trying to clarify her point to questions asked, and before she could finish she had been subjected to Mr Nhanha’s shouting ...
  • iKamva Digital Skills Institute Bill [B10B-2018]: briefing 6 Mar 2019

    Ms N Koni (EFF; Northern Cape) agreed with Mr Julius and said the Bill should be taken to the level of DBE and DHET. How is the Institute going to create jobs? What is your plan in making sure of this? More than 90% of the land in the Northern ...
  • Parmed Report Draft: consideration 27 Nov 2018

    Ms N Koni (EFF) stated the EFF does not support the adoption of the draft report seeing that the amendments would be done when the new administration comes in, and indicated it would love to see Option 2 taken to the House.
  • Inter-Ministerial Committee (IMC) on North West intervention, with Ministers and Deputy Ministers 14 Jun 2018

    Ms N Koni (EFF, North West) interjected on a point of order that the Chairperson seemed to have missed the point, because Ms Wana had been referencing Mr Motlashuping.
  • Liquor Products Amendment Bill [B10B-2016]: briefing 12 Jun 2018

    Ms N Koni (EFF, Northern Cape) said the Committee needed to allow DAFF to go back and check whether it needed to amend the bill.
  • Extension of Security of Tenure Amendment Bill [B24B-2015]: finalisation 5 Jun 2018

    During the briefing by Adv. Ramalasala - Ms C Labushcage (DA, Western Cape) and Ms N Koni (EFF, Northern Cape) joined the meeting.