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Ndabakayise Erasmus Gcwabaza


  • Standing Committee on Appropriations Legacy Report 20 Mar 2019

    Mr N Gcwabaza (ANC) asked why the report starts with the 2017 financial year and not 2015 and 2016.
  • Parliament Mid-Term performance 2018/19: briefing by Acting Secretary to Parliament 19 Mar 2019

    Mr N Gcwabaza (ANC) commented it was difficult to understand the overall performance targets for the 3rd quarter because they were not itemised. He suggested that annual targets should be shown with quarterly targets to indicate what has been achieved quarterly. He wanted to know how the achievements of three ...
  • Committee Report on Public Audit Excess Bill 13 Mar 2019

    Mr N Gcwabaza (ANC) chaired the meeting
  • Committee Report on Division of Revenue Bill 2019 12 Mar 2019

    On page 12, Ms Senokoanyane proposed, under section 5.2., changing the word “reported” to “raised concern” regarding municipal finances in distress. Ms Manana raised that SALGA reported on local government finances. The Chairperson preferred “in their submission [they] raised concern”. Ms Manana countered SALGA did not raise a concern, they ...
  • Integrated Financial Management System: National Treasury briefing 6 Mar 2019

    Mr N Gcwabaza (ANC) expressed his displeasure that the report was given to the Committee at the end of the Fifth Parliament, when the Committee had been the first to discuss the IFMS issues. There was nothing the Committee could do now. This was undermining the Committee and was unacceptable.
  • Jobs Fund: National Treasury briefing 5 Mar 2019

    Mr N Gcwabaza (ANC) questioned what the timeframe for “permanent jobs” was. He further requested an explanation of the Fund’s apparent attractiveness to private funding partners, and how it could be further improved so they add more. Regarding short-term jobs, internships and trained beneficiaries, he asked whether there was a ...
  • DPW and SANDF maintenance & personnel budgets: Treasury, Public Works, Defence Department follow-up 27 Feb 2019

    Mr N Gcwabaza (ANC) referred to slides 4 and 5 and questioned the feasibility of the budget for the additional staff required by DOD.
  • 2019 Budget: Minister of Finance briefing 21 Feb 2019

    Mr N Gcwabaza (ANC) asked if there were serious efforts to unravel the bad business practises and deep-rooted challenges within Eskom. Such efforts would include the review of evergreen contracts and the purchase price of coal by government among others. Further, illicit financial flows needed to be dealt with decisively ...
  • Pre-Budget 2019: Parliamentary Budget Office briefing 19 Feb 2019

    Mr N Gcwabaza (ANC) asked if the PBO had looked into the reasons why the above average performance of government was not linked to improvements in ordinary people’s welfare. What accounted for the improvement in the deficit level when compared to the previous year?
  • National Treasury Quarter 2 & 3 performance; Committee Annual Report 12 Feb 2019

    Mr N Gcwabaza (ANC) asked if the NT could identify regressed departments in terms of financial performance as compared to the previous financial year. He was worried about money underspent because of conditional grants not given to provincial departments and municipalities, as they had to provide services. It was not ...