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    Chairperson, I move without notice:

    That the Council -

    1) condemns in the strongest possible terms, the callous killing of Ms Nomzamo Sidukwana and her five children aged between six months and 10 years in Kwaaiman village outside Mqanduli in the Eastern Cape;

    2) notes that these barbaric murders occurred ...

  • CLUSTER 4D 12 Nov 2019

    I am getting there. You better be patient with me. One minute they are too sick to appear before the commission or they don't have money to travel to Johannesburg, or they can't recall what happen in the last 10, yet they can recall with relative ease the events that ...

  • CLUSTER 4D 12 Nov 2019

    ... announced an economic stimulus package which was necessitated by a stagnating economy. Fourteen months on, our country suffered a deadly blow as we witnessed unemployment soaring

    to about 30%. The stimulus plan has failed, and has done so dismally.

    The benefits of moving goods by rail far outweigh those ...

  • CLUSTER 4D 12 Nov 2019

    Thanks, Deputy Chair. Deputy Minister, in two days time it will be 21 months since the fall of the captain of the state capture, Jacob Zuma, yet the main and supporting actors and enablers of the state capture still freely roam our streets often showing our country the middle finger. ...

  • CLUSTER 4D 12 Nov 2019

    Hon Deputy Minister, in September 2018, President Ramaphosa ... [Interjections.]

  • CLUSTER 4D 12 Nov 2019

    Say again!

  • CLUSTER 4D 12 Nov 2019

    Deputy Chairperson, point of order. [Interjections.] Can I double check what you have said Chair, must I apply or must I be voted? [Interjections.]

  • CLUSTER 4D 12 Nov 2019

    Thank you Deputy Chairperson. Deputy Minister, Minister Pravin Gordhan in December 2018 and March 2019 was quoted in the media alleging that the rolling load shedding were an act of sabotage and SAPS crime intelligence units were investigating. Did the investigation identified perpetrators of the sabotage and when can we ...

  • CLUSTER 4D 12 Nov 2019

    Thanks Deputy Chair. Deputy Minister, you are dealing with a state-owned entity, SOE, in this case the SAA, with a rather bruised reputation. I will imagine that the grounding of our

    airlines two weeks ago did not do SAA any good in so far as reputation is concerned.

    Would you ...


    Chair, I want to bring to the attention of the Deputy President that he must not be surprised whilst members are hackling Mike a non-permanent delegate, we are not used to it. Most non-

    permanent delegates come and warm these benches and leave afterwards. Thanks Mike for coming to...[Applause.]