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Mireille Mary Wenger

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Ms Wenger is a Member of the Budget, Community Safety, Cultural Affairs and Sport and Community Development Committees in the Western Cape Provincial Legislature

Committee appearances

  • Committee Report on Department of Health Annual Report 28 Nov 2018

    Ms M Wenger (DA) remarked that no resolutions were taken, no information requested, as the meeting was not concluded. Members were asked to write down solutions or proposals that would be presented at the end of that meeting.
  • SAPS Western Cape 2017/18 Annual Report 27 Nov 2018

    The Chairperson asked for an explanation of where the additional funds came from to cover the over expenditure. He commented that a quarter of the SAPS budget was spent on fuel, which was a very large percentage of the budget. Had it always been such a large chunk, or was ...
  • Western Cape Adjustments Appropriation Bill: consideration & Committee Report 23 Nov 2018

    Ms M Wenger (DA) noticed that on page 167, under program 2 for the social welfare service, there was R3 318 000 allocated to provide for vehicles for children with disabilities. She asked how many vehicles could be adopted with that budget. She also noted that on page 167, there ...
  • Western Cape Police Ombudsman 2017/18 Annual Report; Cape Town Metro Police Department 2018/19 Annual Plan 14 Nov 2018

    The Chairperson asked the WCPO to explain the “sporadic improvement in forensics post mortem examinations.” Had the documents relating to “directives in terms of section 18 (1) of the Western Cape Community Safety Act directing under certain police officers to appear before me or produce certain documents or information relevant ...
  • National Health Laboratory Service Amendment Bill: final mandates 18 Oct 2018

    The Chairperson welcomed members and conveyed apologies from Ms P Lekker (ANC) and Ms M Wenger (DA). She then outlined the business of the day. She said the Committee had previously agreed as a negotiating mandate to support the Bill with amendments. As its final position on the matter, the ...

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Plenary appearances

  • National Environmental Management: Air Quality Amendment Bill (Second Reading Debate) 5 Nov 2013

    The National Environmental Management: Air Quality Act has been in operation since 2005. However, the national Department of Environmental Affairs, as well as their provincial counterparts, identified certain provisions in the Act that were absolete. The national norms and standards have now been set and the Act now finally provides ...

  • Krugersdorp Water Supply Cuts (Member's Statement) 22 Oct 2013

    Speaker, the residents of Krugersdorp on the West Rand of Gauteng have suffered water cuts in eight out of the last nine months. One recent cut lasted five days. In May, earlier this year, burst pipes left residents without water three times in less than two weeks.

    In July, residents ...

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