Manketsi Mamoabi Emily Tlhape

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Formerly: North West Provincial Legislature

Manketsi Mamoabi Emily Tlhape

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Committee appearances

  • Sectional Titles A/B & Agricultural Produce Agents A/B: Preparatory meeting on the facilitation of public participation 1 Jun 2021

    Ms M Tlhape (ANC) appreciated the presentation and agreed with the proposal that the two amendment bills be dealt with separately because the Sectional Titles Amendment Bill is less complicated for the Committee to deal with. She also supported the proposal that interest groups and organisations that have made submissions ...
  • Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development Budget: Committee Report 11 May 2021

    Ms M Tlhape (ANC) commended the work done on the Committee Report, as it covers everything as well as the concerns raised by the Committee. Having looked at the recommendations she supports the elevation of blended finance. This is a new programme that seeks to deal with the commercialization of ...
  • OVG, ARC, OBP & NAMC 2021/22 Annual Performance Plans 5 May 2021

    Ms M Tlhape (ANC) asked for the purpose of the implementation of corruption and fraud prevention mechanisms in the current financial year, and the reasons why it was not previously achieved. She appreciated that the backlogs on valuations were completed in 2021, but the target was not achieved in 2019-2020. ...
  • DALRRD, CRLR & ITB 2021/22 Annual Performance Plans 4 May 2021

    Ms M Tlhape (ANC) agreed that the Department had tried to align the expectation as announced by the president. She asked on who the producers of the mentioned one million extra poultry were. She reiterated that during the presentation it was mentioned that for three quarters there would be mobilisation ...
  • DALRRD & DRDLR 2019/20 Annual Performance 23 Mar 2021

    Ms M Tlhape (ANC) welcomed the presentation and said that the presentation was not what was expected, especially after the opening remarks by the Minister and the Director-General.

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    The Emergency Action Plan unveiled by President Ramaphosa on 18 September 2019 has already made progress towards combating violence against women and children through a co-ordinated government and civil society effort. The delivery of evidence collection kits such as paediatric rape kits, adult rape kits and buccal sample kits to ...


    Jaaka go kgatlhile lekgotla leno motlotlegi.


    Hon Deputy Minister, the sector is also competing with informal settlements which are mushrooming all over. In most cases, on agricultural land at local government level, informal settlements have taken over land for livestock grazing and food production. What is the department doing ...

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