Ms Girly Namhla Nobanda

Formerly: National Assembly

Girly Namhla Nobanda

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What is your political background? How did you come to join your political party and become an MP? I had always been politically inclined in that I attended ANC community meetings. I was then officially recruited by Mr Leslie Plaatjies in 1997. At the time I was attending Barolong Secondary School close to Montshiwa, Mahikeng in the North West. We had a relative that had disappeared during those days and we were not allowed to inquire about the circumstances of his disappearance. The meetings of the ANC gave me hope that I could track my uncle down after becoming an official card carrying member. More...

2019 committee attendance as mp

78% attendance rate

Attended 7 meetings out of 9

2018 committee attendance as mp

98% attendance rate

Attended 43 meetings out of 44

2017 committee attendance as mp

72% attendance rate

Attended 33 meetings out of 46

2016 committee attendance as mp

73% attendance rate

Attended 19 meetings out of 26

2015 committee attendance as mp

71% attendance rate

Attended 12 meetings out of 17

2014 committee attendance as mp

(From the start of the Fifth Parliament)

78% attendance rate

Attended 7 meetings out of 9

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Parliament Register of Members' Interests 2015 [Source]


Directorship/Partnership Type of Business
Koketsoms Construction and Training [Director] Private Co. [Removed as member]
Koketsoms Construction and Training [Incorporator] Private Co [Removed as member]
Mahikeng A Montshiwa Economic Development Forum [Director] [NGO] Removed as member
Mahikeng A Montshwa Economic Development Forum [Incorporator] NGO [Removed as member]
Ngaka Modiri Molema Construction [Director] [Dormant]
Ngaka Modiri Molema Construction [Founding Member] [Dormant]

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    Modulasetilo le Tona ya lefapha, ruri dikgwebo tsa set?haba di ka se itshekege kgotsa gona go itshegetsa ka go bona dithusa kgapetsakgapetsa go tswa mo pusong go atlegisa taelo ya tsona. Go ya ka wena jaaka Tona, kakanyo ya gago ke eng se dikgwebo tse tsa set?haba di ka se ...

  • Appropriation Bill 16 Jul 2014

    Hon Chairperson, hon Minister and Deputy Minister of the Department of Public Enterprises, hon members, chief executive officers and management of our state-owned enterprises, ladies and gentlemen ...

    ... madume gotswa go ANC. [... greetings from the ANC.]

    As we support Budget Vote No 11 of the Department of Public ...

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