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Girly Namhla Nobanda

Committee Meetings Attended

  • Energy Energy Portfolio Committee Legacy Report
    19 Mar 2019

    Find here once available - Legacy Reports 

    The Committee Secretary briefed the Committee on the contents and recommendations of the Legacy Report. Activities of the Committee included monitoring of electrification challenges; oversight over SoE governance, including the nuclear and Eskom new build programmes, energy policies, renewable energy, electricity and ...

  • Public Enterprises State-owned companies contribution to jobs created: DPE briefing
    13 Mar 2019

    The Department of Public Enterprises presented to the Portfolio Committee on Public Enterprises the State Owned Companies (SOC) contributions towards women empowerment and youth job creation. The presentation addressed numbers of employees and programmes targeting youth and women empowerment in terms of jobs creation. Also addressed were skills creation, long ...

  • Public Enterprises Public Enterprise Portfolio Committee Legacy Report
    6 Mar 2019

    Available here once published: Legacy Reports

    The agenda of the meeting was to deliberate on the Committee’s legacy report. This was done to provide direction for the incoming Committee in the sixth parliament in order to resolve the ongoing issues.

    The Committee adopted the report and required a detailed report ...

  • Energy SA Nuclear Energy Corporation (NECSA) on its 2017/18 Annual Report
    5 Mar 2019

    Cabinet approved the appointment of a new NECSA board in December 2018 after the Minister dissolved the previous board. The 2017/18 Annual Report revealed the glaring challenges faced by NECSA. There was a commitment from the board to steer the ship on the right track. The NECSA subsidiary, NTP Radioisotopes, ...

  • Public Enterprises Portfolio Committee on Public Enterprises Legacy Report
    20 Feb 2019

    Documents handed out: Report of the portfolio committee on public enterprises on its activities undertaken during the 5th parliament (March 2014-March 2019) available under Tabled Committee Reports once published

    The committee met to consider the draft legacy report of the Committee for the Fifth Parliament.

    Key highlights discussed included exercising ...

  • Public Enterprises Minister of Public Enterprises on State of Nation Address impact and Eskom
    13 Feb 2019

    The Committee was briefed by the Department of Public Enterprises led by the Minister Pravin Gordhan on issues emanating from the State of Nation Address (SONA). Load shedding is expected to last until April and Eskom is also technically insolvent. The Committee were told of the problems uncovered at some ...

  • Energy Department of Energy audit outcomes: Auditor-General SA briefing
    12 Feb 2019

    Auditor General SA noted that the audit outcome for the Energy portfolio had worsened versus previous audit periods, in that only two entities had achieved clean audits. The quality of financial statements as well as that of the performance reports had regressed. Irregular expenditure had regressed to R108.2m vs. R92.8 ...

  • Public Enterprises Eskom Inquiry report: adoption
    28 Nov 2018

    The Eskom Inquiry Committee Report recommended that the Zondo Commission should summon two former ministers of the Department of Public Enterprises – Mr Malusi Gigaba and Ms Lynne Brown - to appear before it to share insight into the role they played as shareholder representative during the period corruption and ...

  • Energy Committee Reports: Draft IRP 2018 hearings; Convention on Physical Protection of Nuclear Material Amendment
    27 Nov 2018

    The Committee met to consider two important reports - amendments to the Convention on Physical Protection of Nuclear Material (CPPNM) and the draft IRP 2018.

    The Committee approved the amendments to CCPNM as it had received satisfactory responses regarding three concerns in raised in the previous meeting:

    • Whether section 231(2) ...
  • Ad Hoc Committee on Parliament and Provincial Medical Aid Scheme Parmed Report Draft: consideration
    26 Nov 2018

    Parliamentary and Provincial Medical Aid Scheme Amendment Act, 1996 [No. 8 of 1996] - G 17069

    The Ad Hoc Joint Committee on Parliament and Provincial Medical Aid Scheme considered its draft report on Parmed, but could not adopt it because the NCOP component was not quorating. During the discussion it ...