Ms Lusizo Makhubela-Mashele - ANC


What is your political background?

I became a youth leader at an early age through my political activism which was awakened by the ANC Youth League at a preparatory school of the ANC. I served as Regional Treasurer, then moved to the Provincial Executive, and later, I was elected to the National Executive of the ANC Youth League.

I have always been a vocal and independent person. As a young leader I believe that the youth in society should have a voice and all issues affecting them should be advocated by young people themselves.

What does your job as an MP entail?

I serve on two Portfolio Committees: the first is the Portfolio Committee on Tourism where I am a Whip of the ANC study group, and the second is the Portfolio Committee on Energy where I am an ordinary Committee Member. Serving my people as a public representative in the Legislative arm of the State has made me realise that life is not about me anymore, it's about the people I serve - it's about making sure that the programmes of government translate into service delivery that bring meaningful changes to the lives of our people. I consider myself to be a caring and generous person, therefore the task came naturally.

What constituency area have you been assigned to by your party?

My constituency is located in my home province, Mpumalanga in a tribal area called Daantjie, which is still under the administration and authority of chiefs.

What interests you most about constituency work?

My constituency work brings me closer to the people that I serve, and every moment spent doing community work is very humbling. I am motivated by the hardship that some women go through on a daily basis but who still push themselves forward. I believe that our government has made meaningful changes to the lives of ordinary South Africans, and that South Africa is a much better place to live in today than it was yesterday.

What are you most passionate about?

I am currently studying towards a post graduate diploma in Economic Policy and Financial Markets with the University of London in the School of Economics. I am a political economist at heart and an advocate for good governance. I hold high the values of transparency, good ethics, professionalism, the rule of law and accountability.

What would your message to South Africa be?

My message to South Africa and other African countries is that the time has come for us to set the agenda for our own development as a country and as a continent. We as the people must pursue self-sustainability. We must change the path to our own emancipation through rural development. Rural villages can no longer be neglected; we should all work the land that we live in to produce food and secure our own future.

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