Infographic: Minister releases recent corruption update

Minister in the Presidency, and Chairperson of the new Inter-Ministerial Committee on Information and Publicity, Mr Jeff Radebe, recently briefed the media on the key developments government has made dealing with corruption in state institutions.

According to their statement, 36 public declarations have been made by the President instructing the Special Investigating Unit (SIU) to probe national and provincial departments, municipalities and state owned entities. Nine investigations have been reported on so far.

“Government reiterates that it will not tolerate any form of corruption and will not hesitate to act where it appears… Corruption is a cancer that deprives our people [of] what they are entitled to which are services to improve their lives,” said Minister Radebe.

Despite the Minister’s attempts to reassure the public that progress is being made in the fight against corruption, concerns were raised that there were drastically more cases of corruption than the government had predicted or targeted. Another concern was one of the “revolving door”, where corrupt officials would just move from one municipality to the next without consequence.

See the infographic below for more information:



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