Portfolio Committee on Defence and Military Veterans
E.S Mgoza
Clarity on amendment of regulation on pension.
26 March 2024 11:43 a.m.
Dear Portfolio Committee on Defence and Military Veterans, I am a Military Veteran registered on military veterans database.

Seeking clarity on the pension amendment regulation, following Point 8 of the regulation No: 49442 of Gazette on 06 October 2023 states that “The effective date in respect of the commencement of this benefit will not be retrospective, but only applicable upon the signing off these regulations by respective authority. Payment to Military Veterans will not be retrospective but applicable upon the approval of the application.” While the news of the 05 Oct 2023 stated that the minister said that the benefits would be backdated to 01 April 2023 and the amended regulations would be published in the Government Gazette.
Seeking clarity as to if Government Gazette is amended to enable the backdated of the military veteran’s pension payout. If not amended what is the reason and when will the amendment be done so to effect the backdating of pension payout, please advise.

Many thanks, will wait hearing from you.