Portfolio Committee on Defence and Military Veterans
Gerald Casmo Matthys
Dear committee members I am a military veteran
21 March 2024 3:59 p.m.
Dear Portfolio Committee on Defence and Military Veteran which are deserving of every single benefit that is due to the military veterans. I am registered on the national database of the military veterans since the 11th of December 2011 my Dmv barcode is dmvf_033864 But I had apply for a house, srd,
Pension and skill developement the only people who respond on my emails is the people of gpaa but as for the people of the Dmv they are utterly rude the blatantly ignore my emails all respond I was getting is that they had received my claims but no benefit it goes on for the entire 13years.They lack compassion because many veterans like myself is unemployed and doesn't receive any kind of income while they get fat salaries to be of service to us as military veterans but they are not to any service to us. I don't know if they even know they job proposals.
Act 18 of 2011 means nothing to them maybe they need to be replace