Portfolio Committee on Defence and Military Veterans
Ronald James Sauls
Database military veterans
24 February 2024 5:44 p.m.
Dear Portfolio Committee on Defence and Military Veterans,
I am 85071827 WO R J Sauls a reserve force member ...I was told by officials of DMV that the reason why I don't qualify to be on the database is that my suffix behind my force number is BV ...there has to be another suffix for me to qualify for database....we as reserve force members work on a call up basis when you are needed to perform a task for a period and when you done you go home and is treated the same like all other unemployed citizens...that is really unfair treatment....if this is a law...can it please be amended so that the soldier with a BV suffix can also qualify to be put on the database in order for us to reap the fruits of enjoying the benefits of a military veteran....