Portfolio Committee on Defence and Military Veterans
Katleho Ntleru
31 August 2023 5:38 p.m.
Dear Portfolio Committee on Defence and Military Veterans,
I am a military veteran on DMV database and my name is Shashape Katleho Ntleru force number 94853538. I received my guerilla and conventional training Tanzania and Guinea training under the auspices of APLA from 1989 respectively. I'm currently staying at my parents house in Welkom in the province of Free State.

I have been applying for a house benefit since it's introduction, I watched many of my fellow bona fide military veterans being provided with houses but not me.
I am being sent from pillar to post by my local department of housing including the provincial housing and the DMV itself.
I sent all relevant documents required from my side to both departments but to no avail.

I even met and spoke to the housing HOD in the province during the portfolio committee 's visit in Welkom, who asked me to email him the required documents but still that did not assist in any way.

I'm still waiting for official response as to whether I will be assisted in that regard.

Your intervention will be highly appreciated.

SK Ntleru