Portfolio Committee on Defence and Military Veterans
Chief Sedas Kleinschmidt
People pretending to represent indigenous communities for state benefits to themselves
20 February 2023 11:20 a.m.
Dear Portfolio Committee on Defence and Military Veterans,

The National Office
Indigenous Authority Council
The Aboriginal |Xam Ka! Ke!
The National Chair and Leader
PC Sedas (Shedrick Kleinschmidt)

This letter is to announce that Mr. Nazeem (General) was a High Commissioner at the National office of the Aboriginal |Xam Ka! Ke! Nation. He has been recalled and shall no more serve as a High Commissioner or represent the Aboriginal |Xam Ka! Ke! Nation on any level of Government and on any Indigenous position or Tribal Structure of the First Nation.
This letter is the final proof of denouncement of Mr. Nazeem Arnolds (General) as elected High Commissioner of the Indigenous First Nation of Southern Africa.
Mr. Nazeem Arnolds was elected by the National Leader of the Aboriginal |Xam Ka! Ke! Nation and mandated to established an Aboriginal Tribal Police for the First Nation.
After the establishment of the Protocol structure (Aboriginal Tribal Police) of the National Office of the First Nation the mandate given to him was that as High Commissioner of the Aboriginal Tribal Police, he must put a council of Generals in place that will represent all Tribal Communities of the Indigenous First Nation. Secondly the Council must go through a !Nau ceremony so that the whole council will submit themselves to the customs, believes, protocols and laws of the Aboriginal |Xam Nation. When that was done Himself and the Council must come to a National meeting to presents his plan show that this structure is part of the National Office and that its constitution reveals that it is an entity of the National office. Because the national office is an entity of the National Indigenous Authority Council of Aboriginal Tribes of the First Nation. It will also show that its council members are appointed by their Tribal leaders and that the council will elect its leader every three to five years.
What happened was the following:
1. Mr. Nazeem Arnolds register the Aboriginal Tribal Police in his own name.
2. Mr. Nazeem Arnolds did not appoint a council filed with representative of all the |Xam Nation Tribes
3. The Council did not have any power to elect new leaderships or appoint new leaders
4. The constitution of the Aboriginal Tribal Police did not say that it was established by the National Office of the First Nation and that its leadership still has to follow the customs, believes and protocols of the Aboriginal |Xam Ka! Ke! Nation.
Therefore we as the National office of the Aboriginal |Xam Nation distance its self from Mr. Nazeem Arnold and the Aboriginal Tribal Police. We also believe that this entity is not representing the Aboriginal First Nation of Southern Africa. We believe that the Council who went through the !Nau customary Ceremony on Paarl Mountain should follow the Aboriginal protocols and elect new leadership. They then have to submit under the protocols, customs, believes and laws of the first Nation.
We ask all committees and all councils all governmental organisations and all Wats-up groups to respect such a decision made by the National office.
1. We therefore ask Mr. Nazeem Arnolds and his team to show respect for our customs, believes and culture of the South African First Nation.

………………………………………………………….. Date: 10 February 2023
PC Sedas (National Chair & Leader)
Aboriginal |Xam Ka! Ke! Nation
National Indigenous Authority Council SA