Portfolio Committee on Defence and Military Veterans
Isaac Jacobus
Military veterans houses Eastern Cape Port Elizabeth
21 December 2022 5:11 a.m.
Dear Portfolio Committee on Defence and Military Veterans, I am Isaac Jacobus during 2019 we as Military veterans at Port Elizabeth chatty 491, had a collective meeting with NHRBC, HDA, Department of Military veterans and the Representative from the Premier's office, Department of Human Settlement were absent with no apology explained.

Our grievances were that deviations from the housing specifications, and unsafe building foundations, foundations are moving, we were promised by the Department of Military veterans Representatives they will be back with feedback during March 2020, since we are still waiting for feedback, we followed external remedies, consulted the Public Protector, which investigation officer does investigation on the phone, with no positive results.

We need your office to visit us as Military Veterans at Port Elizabeth and experience in person, what we are complaining about, these houses have three different square metres 47 square metres gross floor area, 45 square metres gross floor area not even 50square Meters gross floor area as per the National Standards of National Department of Human Settlement specifications.