Portfolio Committee on Defence and Military Veterans
Howard Mutathi
Any suggested date on the commencement of payment of pensions to military veterans.
4 November 2022 8:36 a.m.
Dear Portfolio Committee on Defence and Military Veterans,

When will the payment of pension starts for military veterans, because now the deputy president and president of the country will be against each other in december for ANC elections which will totally stops everything. And we wait again till another president restart the whole process and military veterans are dying without eating any benefit of what they fought for. Please speed up the process because Deputy minister and deputy president are no where to be heard of now since many months ago. And this same circus has been happening since 1994 where it only get hot towards elections while ANC is need of more votes. Come on leaders, we are seeing what tou guys are doing. Speak up and updates the military veterans on what you are doing though we know your plans and the like. Because when you are quite like this, we definitely dont know what is really happening.