Portfolio Committee on Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
Joshua Swart
Hemp Farming Bill
18 August 2020 8:58 a.m.
Dear Portfolio Committee on Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries,

Is there any prospect of the conversation around hemp farming making its way onto the agenda soon and will there be an opportunity for stakeholders like myself to be a part of the conversation?

I am Joshua Swart, the co-founder of multiple cannabis entities including; Cannabis Industry Development Co-Operative Western Cape with Garreth Prins, Original Cape Town is our private company making a range of hemp products (clothing, personal care, CBD oils), and Growing OGs, an NPO skill share where we have done research with building with hempcrete in June 2020.

I have an LLB (Stell) and honed knowledge in Public and Administrative law and I am looking forward to contribute positively to the execution of hemp farming and all the benefits aligned. Our Creator, Adonai has blessed me with a self-sustaining housing model that can meet the Western Cape's need of 750 000 houses, built out of hempcrete and the building material can be grown in 4 months.

Joshua Swart