2021-w478 - 10 May 2021

Geordin Gwyn Hill-Lewis to ask the Mr T Mboweni

(1)With regard to the annual report and the procurement processes of the Public Investment Corporation, what are the reasons that some services were not procured through a procurement process that was fair, equitable, transparent, and competitive, as required by section 51(1)(a)(iii) of the Public Finance Management Act, Act 1 of 1999; (2)what are the reasons that management incorrectly interpreted procurement prescripts relating to deviations which ultimately led to management omitting to ensure that the supply chain management policy and the specified Act were adhered to?

Reply from the Mr T Mboweni on 10 May 2021

(1) The Public Investment Corporation (PIC) has policies and procedures in place to ensure that at all times procurement processes are fair, equitable, transparent and competitive as required by the Public Finance Management Act, Act 1 of 1999. During the 2019/20 financial year there were instances where the PIC Management were of the view that the PIC’s Delegation of Authority should apply during the ...

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