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  • (Subcommittee) ICASA Interviews Day 3 27 Feb 2020

    Ms Z Majozi (IFP) mentioned that the regulation and governance of the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector is currently spread into different entities, including the Ministry. If she become a council member, how did she think one can best deal with coordination and duplication of roles within the ICT ...
  • ICASA Interviews: Subcommittee, Day 2 26 Feb 2020

    Ms Z Majozi (IFP) asked about a statement he released in 2010 which dealt with the lack of capacity in ICASA, and its licensing and monitoring challenges. She asked how he would fix these issues within ICASA.
  • ICASA Interviews: Subcommittee, Day 1 25 Feb 2020

    Ms Z Majozi (IFP) thanked the candidate for his very informative presentation. She asked what the candidate's understanding was of the legislative prescripts governing ICT particularly in the new era of convergence. She noted the overlapping roles of the entities including ICASA within the Ministry and asked what expertise ...
  • SAPS Quarter 1, 2 & 3 performance; Committee Report on Safe Festive Season 19 Feb 2020

    Ms Z Majozi (IFP) said it would be a lot easier for the Committee to engage on the report if the challenges, and how they could be moved forward, were received. She did not want to assume anything. These challenges were needed so that the Committee knew what was being ...
  • Department & GCIS 2019/20 Quarter 2 & 3 performances; Process of convergence of entities & appointment process of Board members of SOEs 18 Feb 2020

    Ms Z Majozi (IFP) said that the seven targets that were not met out of 22, could be attributed to a lack of policy development, as it was policy that drove departments and implementation. As the communications department, it should not have had a policy on information technology (IT) that ...

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  • Questions asked to the Ms Z Majozi (IFP) to ask the Minister of Police 17 Dec 2019

    Yes, a need has been identified on the User Asset Management Plan (U-AMP), for the proposed construction of a new police station, at Tshepisong. The site clearance is projected to be initiated, in the 2020/2021 financial year.

    (a) The completion date of the construction of the Tshepisong Police Station ...

  • Questions asked to the Ms Z Majozi (IFP) to ask the Minister of Police 17 Dec 2019

    Whether there are plans to build a police station at Tshepisong; if not, why not; if so, (a) by what date will it be completed and (b) what are the relevant details? NW2938E NATIONAL ASSEMBLY FOR WRITTEN REPLY QUESTION 1582 DATE OF PUBLICATION IN INTERNAL QUESTION PAPER: 22 NOVEMBER 2019 ...

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