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  • SABC on turnaround strategy & implementation of recommendations emanating from reports 17 Sep 2019

    Ms Z Majozi (IFP) appreciated the frankness of the SABC's presentation. She referred to the skills audit and related labour relations issues, and stressed that it was important to engage with organised labour and develop their full trust. On the mandate of the SABC, she said that the broadcaster ...
  • SAPS Crime Statistics 2018/19; with Minister 12 Sep 2019

    Ms Z Majozi (IFP) said there is a concerning increase in crime as reflected in the stats. The fear of women and children being killed is not going anywhere any time soon - this is concerning given that just this past week, more women and children were killed. What is the ...
  • SIU on SABC investigations; ICASA Quarter 1 performance 10 Sep 2019

    Ms Z Majozi (IFP) welcomed the report and thanked the SIU for the work they had conducted. The fundamental issue at heart was the lack of leadership at the SABC. In her view the problems exceeded budgetary shortfalls and were rooted in a lack of good leadership.
  • Steinhoff Investigation update 4 Sep 2019

    Ms Z Majozi (IFP) agreed with Mr Shivambu. She asked how the regulatory model would work, seeing that it was an international holding. There was no clarity on what Steinhoff was going to do going forwards, especially in respect of the misguided bonuses paid to the executives. Once the Hawks ...
  • Department & entities Quarter 1 performance 3 Sep 2019

    Ms Z Majozi (IFP) asked for the Department’s comment on what was happening to SABC employees. What was the issue around SABC’s sports rights losses of R2.3b? What was being done about SABC’s failure to pay service providers?

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  • Questions asked to the Ms Z Majozi (IFP) to ask the Minister of Police 17 Dec 2019

    Yes, a need has been identified on the User Asset Management Plan (U-AMP), for the proposed construction of a new police station, at Tshepisong. The site clearance is projected to be initiated, in the 2020/2021 financial year.

    (a) The completion date of the construction of the Tshepisong Police Station ...

  • Questions asked to the Ms Z Majozi (IFP) to ask the Minister of Police 17 Dec 2019

    Whether there are plans to build a police station at Tshepisong; if not, why not; if so, (a) by what date will it be completed and (b) what are the relevant details? NW2938E NATIONAL ASSEMBLY FOR WRITTEN REPLY QUESTION 1582 DATE OF PUBLICATION IN INTERNAL QUESTION PAPER: 22 NOVEMBER 2019 ...

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