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2021 committee attendance as mp

100% attendance rate

Attended 7 meetings out of 7

2020 committee attendance as mp

94% attendance rate

Attended 46 meetings out of 49

2019 committee attendance as mp

90% attendance rate

Attended 26 meetings out of 29

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Committee appearances

  • SMU Vice Chancellor Inquiry day 2 17 Feb 2021

    Mr W Letsie (ANC) thanked the witness. He thanked the Higher Education Transformation Network for continuing to fight for the right things. He asked for HETN to produce the evidence, where they alleged that a report by Deloitte and Touche had been disowned by Deloitte. He requested the Chairperson if ...
  • SMU Vice Chancellor Inquiry day 2 17 Feb 2021

    Mr T Letsie (ANC) asked what other issues Prof Mbati wanted changed in the report, other than the the existence of a consensual sexual relationship.
  • SMU Vice Chancellor Inquiry day 2 17 Feb 2021

    Mr W Letsie (ANC) asked the witness to tell the Committee how he was appointed by the University of Venda.
  • SMU Vice Chancellor Inquiry day 1 16 Feb 2021

    Mr T Letsie (ANC) suggested that the Committee must subpoena the two former Chairpersons who refused to come before the Committee as early as possible. It cannot be that people who accept public office, decide when they want to account about how the resources of the public institution they led ...
  • Mangosuthu University of Technology on governance & related matters 12 Feb 2021

    Mr W Letsie (ANC) said that if the University had a problem with this, it could not dispute the engagement at such a late stage. This raised the question as to why the letter had been sent to the Committee Chairperson so late.

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Plenary appearances

  • AND TRAINING (Consideration of Report) 12 Mar 2020

    No, no, I'm going to answer him with ... [Inaudible.]

  • AND TRAINING (Consideration of Report) 12 Mar 2020

    Thank you very much. Hon members from Toekomsrus ... and he know that this is how they walk in Toekomsrus, with hands in their pockets. However, hon Keetse also left when we were doing oversight. They dealt with some of these issues.

    Of course, we will be the first ones ...

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