Mr Velenkosini Fiki Hlabisa

Member of the National Assembly

Formerly: KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Legislature

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Velenkosini Fiki Hlabisa

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About Velenkosini Fiki Hlabisa

Mr Hlabisa was born in KwaZulu Natal.

At 13 he joined the national cultural liberation movement Inkatha yeNkululeko yeSizwe where he began to study the leadership and values of the IFP. His own leadership qualities were immediately recognised and nurtured, leading him to the position of Branch Chairperson, then Constituency Chairperson, Ward Councillor, District Chairperson, Deputy Mayor and National Secretary of the IFP Youth Brigade.

For six years he served as Chairperson of the Community Working Group, working with the South African Medical Research Council on HIV/Aids and Microbicide trials. He has also served for more than a decade as Chairperson of the Hlabisa Hospital Board.

His passion for education saw him pursue a career in teaching, where he rose to Principal of Somfula High School. Continuing his studies, he obtained an SSTD and B. Paed Degree in History from the University of Zululand, and a BA Honours Degree in History from the University of South Africa.

In October 2017, he was elected as the President of the IFP. Hlabisa was sworn in as a Member of Parliament on 19 October 2023.

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