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  • Public Accounts (SCOPA) Department of Military Veterans 2014/15 Annual Report: hearing with Deputy Minister
    9 Mar 2016

    Members of the Standing Committee on Public Accounts, from both sides of the House, launched a vigorous and forthright interrogation of the Department of Military Veterans (DMV) over its poor performance during the past year. The Deputy Minister, the Acting Director General, the Audit Committee and the turnaround team all ...

  • Public Accounts (SCOPA) Compensation Fund on its 2014/15 Annual Report: hearing
    2 Mar 2016

    The management of the Compensation Fund and the Department of Labour (DOL) came under intense scrutiny when the Fund’s annual report was presented its 2014/15 to the Standing Committee on Public Accounts.

    The first issue raised concerned the suspension from April last year of the Fund’s chief financial officer (CFO) ...

  • Public Accounts (SCOPA) Department of Correctional Services qualified audit: hearing with Ministry of Justice and Correctional Services
    1 Mar 2016

    The Committee received a briefing by the Minister of Justice and Correctional Services as part of the ongoing engagement about the qualified audit of the Department of Correctional Services (DCS).

    National Treasury first gave input on the DCS tender for the Integrated Inmate Management System (IIMS). The problem with the ...

  • Public Accounts (SCOPA) PRASA hearing, with Minister of Transport
    23 Feb 2016

    The Committee met again, in the presence of the Minister of Transport, to continue to interrogate the 2014/15 Annual Report and financial statements of the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (Prasa) and the irregularities reported on by the Auditor-General (AG). These included the purchase of oversized passenger trains and ...

  • Public Accounts (SCOPA) Correctional Services 2014/15 Annual Report: hearing, with Deputy Minister
    1 Dec 2015

    The Committee had a wide-ranging engagement the Department of Correctional Services on matters arising from its Annual Report 2014/15. The Committee was unsatisfied with most of the department's responses which they found overly general and lacking detail.

    There were a number of serious performance issues in the department which emerged. ...

  • Public Accounts (SCOPA) Department of Correctional Services 2014/15 Annual Report hearing, with Minister & Deputy Minister
    24 Nov 2015

    The Chairperson informed the Department of Correctional Services officials that they had as much responsibility to the public as the accounting officers did. There was a chapter in the PFMA that indicated that political leadership had the responsibility to ensure proper financial management. In May 2015, after the AGSA audit ...

  • Public Accounts (SCOPA) PRASA 2014/15 Annual Report: hearing
    18 Nov 2015

    Passenger Rail Agency South Africa (PRASA) was interrogated by the Committee on its financial statements and Annual Report for 2014/15. Because the meeting started earlier than scheduled, PMG's notes on the first part are not available. However, it became apparent as the Committee tried to interrogate the issues in the ...

  • Public Accounts (SCOPA) Department of Transport unauthorised expenditure: National Treasury briefing
    2 Sep 2015

    The National Treasury reported to the Committee on the unauthorised expenditure incurred by the Department of Transport (DOT) on bus subsidies during the financial year of 2008/2009. The Department of Transport was present to provide further explanations on the reasons for the unauthorised expenditure.

    National Treasury highlighted what had been ...

  • Public Accounts (SCOPA) Public Sector Supply Chain Management Review 2015: National Treasury briefing
    12 Aug 2015

    On the second day of presentations to the Standing Committee on Public Accounts, National Treasury briefed it on the supply chain management (SCM) review and how value could be created through public procurement. The objectives of the review were to provide a frank and candid assessment of SCM aspects, providing ...

  • Public Accounts (SCOPA) Department of Correctional Services: 2013/14 Audit: hearings continued, with Department of Public Works input on facilities; Deputy Ministers of Correctional Services & Public Works in attendance
    24 Jun 2015

    The Committee resumed its hearing on the 2013/14 Annual Report of the Department of Correctional Services (DCS). The Department of Public Works (DPW) was also asked to comment on certain issues around the facilities. The Deputy Ministers of Public Works and Correctional Services were both present and gave input, as ...