Thandiswa Linnen Marawu

National Assembly

Formerly: Eastern Cape Provincial Legislature

Thandiswa Linnen Marawu

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  • Local Government: Municipal Systems Amendment Bill: deliberations 4 Mar 2020

    Ms T Marawu (ATM) commented on the issue of appointing a manager to act for a period of nine months. She wanted to understand the six months and nine months alternatives, because they were saying they needed to appoint a person who had skills and competencies, meaning that they had ...
  • DPW & Property Management Trading Entity Annual Reports: hearing 3 Mar 2020

    Ms T Marawu (ATM) said that the DPW dealt with a lot of service providers, and there was no way that the Department could lack standard operating procedures. She wanted to know why this had been the case? Why had there been a lack of those procedures?
  • Local Government: Municipal Systems Amendment Bill: Stakeholder Engagement 26 Feb 2020

    Ms T Marawu (ATM) said the Eastern Cape Department had raised a very important point about sabotage in the secondment of MMs. In one intervention, for example, it was found that there was no cooperation at all on giving information to the intervention team. As a result, if the team ...
  • SAA outstanding matters: update 19 Feb 2020

    Ms T Marawu (ATM) appreciated the presentations by the Acting DDG and the Minister. She asked about the turnaround plan of the board. There were critical points in that plan that would be helpful – would those be incorporated or would there be a new plan? Secondly, what about timeframes? Thirdly ...
  • Plans to resolve the impasse between ESKOM and defaulting municipalities: input by COGTA, SALGA & National Treasury 3 Dec 2019

    Ms T Marawu (ATM) agreed. She had been expecting to see a clear way forward. The plans that had been presented had no time frames and would likely take more than a year to implement. It was critical for the Committee to be given a clear picture of how Eskom ...

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  • Questions asked to the President of the Republic 18 May 2020

    Whether, in light of the fact that the Republic is a sovereign State and a member of the Commonwealth, the Republic intends to resign from the Commonwealth; if not, what are the reasons that it will not resign?

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