Mr Steven Mahlubanzima Jafta

Formerly: National Assembly

Steven Mahlubanzima Jafta

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Mr Jafta is the Secretary-General of the AIC



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  • Questions asked to the Minister of Mineral Resources 17 Aug 2018

    With reference to section 54 of the Mine Health and Safety Act, Act 29 of 1996, to what extent has he engaged all role-players in the mining sector concerning the perceived (a) opaque reasons often furnished by his department to close mines that seemingly have an adverse effect on the ...
  • Questions asked to the Minister of Health 27 Mar 2015

    Whether any community health care workers have not received payment for some (a) months or (b) years; if so, (i) what are the reasons for the nonpayment in each case and (ii) is there any plan in place to train those community health care workers to have the necessary skills ...

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  • RURAL ROADS IN POOR CONDITION (Member's Statement) 3 Mar 2015

    Deputy Speaker, the AIC has noted with serious concern that roads in the rural areas of this country are in a bad condition, and people feel ignored and forgotten by the government.

    In some areas this has resulted in peaceful demonstrations by residents, and unnecessary shootings by the SA Police ...

  • MOTION OF CONDOLENCE (The late Mr N L Diale) 24 Feb 2015

    Madam Speaker, the AIC would like to pass on its deepest condolences to the family of the hon Diale, and to his organisation, the

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