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Sidumo Mbongeni Dlamini is the current Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development. He is a former president of Cosatu.

2021 committee attendance as minister/deputy

Attended 12 meetings

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Attended 13 meetings

2019 committee attendance as minister/deputy

Attended 2 meetings

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Committee appearances

  • Eskom Inquiry: Exxaro 14 Feb 2018

    Mr M Dlamini (ANC): I think it would be wrong of us as a Committee not to welcome the work being done by the Hawks by arresting the Guptas because part of the things we are trying to do here is to cleanse the country. So we must welcome the ...
  • Municipal Property Rates Bill: deliberations 13 Feb 2004

    Mr Mbongeni (ANC) expressed the view that many municipalities are still too young and fragile to withstand the strain of environmental management to the proposed scale. It would be difficult to ensure compliance. It was however important to encourage every sector to engage local authorities. The Bill should not be ...
  • Municipal Property Rates Bill: deliberations 4 Feb 2004

    Mr Mbongeni (ANC) said that the term 'indigent' at Clause (1A)(a) should not be left open-ended the way it currently is.
  • Municipal Property Rates Bill: deliberations 3 Feb 2004

    Mr Mbongeni (ANC) asked members to be cautious and guard against the temptation to attach one's occupation to the definition of who is the bona fide farmer. It should be sufficient that one's farming activities contribute significantly to the food basket. It would be better for these matters to be ...
  • Property Rates Bill: deliberations 27 Nov 2003

    Mr Mbongeni (ANC) said that with such wide latitude the Department would prefer print to radio since the former is much cheaper.

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