Ms Sharon Winona Davids

Member of the National Assembly

Formerly: Western Cape Provincial Legislature

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Sharon Winona Davids

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2019 committee attendance as mp

100% attendance rate (1 of 1 )

2018 committee attendance as mp

88% attendance rate (7 of 8 )

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Ms S Davids (ANC) asked if the application was only for Khayelitsha and Philippi. What about the other areas where ...

Ms S Davids (ANC) noticed that on page 181, in terms of administration, there was a decrease of R111 000. ...

Ms S Davids (ANC) wanted to know in which areas had there been delays in terms of the Number of ...

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1) Whether the sale of South Africa’s strategic fuel reserves were discussed at the training programmes hosted by a certain ...

(1)With reference to his apology to the Portfolio Committee on Energy for the absence of his department from the meeting ...

What are the details of the (a) binding commercial and financial information secured to assist Cabinet to evaluate fully the ...

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Thank you, Chairperson. They will only say that because I must be inferior, and I'm not! [Applause.]

Everything the DA touches turns to gold and everything the ANC touches to ...

Thank you, hon Deputy Chairperson. Of course, we must honestly talk about how racism, discrimination or inequality destroys the fibre of the new tree under which we all may find ...