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Mr Buthelezi is currently serving as the Deputy Minister of Finance. He has been a member of the ANC for over 30 years and previously served served as the chairperson of the Prasa board. He was chief operations officer for Makana Investment Corporation Limited, from which he resigned to join parliament. He was also a director for Makana Investments Corporation Limited as well as a chairman for Sihayo Investments Limited and a director for Kaya FM. Mr Buthelezi spent eight years on Robben Island and was born in Mahlabathini in KwaZulu-Natal in 1961. He is an economist who holds master’s, honourary and BCom degrees in economics.

2017 committee attendance as minister/deputy

Attended 7 meetings

2017 committee attendance as mp

94% attendance rate

Attended 17 meetings out of 18

2016 committee attendance as mp

89% attendance rate

Attended 41 meetings out of 46

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Parliament Register of Members' Interests 2016 [Source]


Name Of Trusts
Mbobeni Trust
Phakathwayo Trust


Type of Business Directorship/Partnership
Investments African Spirit Trading 465 (Pty) Ltd
Investments Autshumatu Investments (Pty) Ltd
Investments Endinite (Pty) Ltd
Groenfontein Collieries (Pty) Ltd Mining
Investments [Deegistration process] Idwala Crusher Investments (Pty) Ltd
Investments [Deregistration process] Imbewu SPV 14 (Pty) Ltd
Manufacturing Imbewu SPV 14 (Pty) Ltd
Investgments [Deregistration process] Ixolinx (Pty) Ltd
Manufacturing Endinamix (Pty) Ltd
Stationery LTSM Supply Chain Solutions (Free State) (Pty) Ltd
Energy Makana Alternative Energy (Pty) Ltd
Water [Deregistration process] Makana Aqua (KwaZulu Natal) (Pty) Ltd
Water [Deregistration process] Makana Aqua (Western Cape) (Pty) Ltd
Manufacturing Makana Component Holdings (Pty) Ltd
Energy Makana Energy Consortium (Pty) Ltd
Mining Makana EXploration and Mining (Pty) Ltd
Manufacturing Makana Investment Consortium KZN SPV (RF) (Pty) Ltd
Investments Makana Investment Corporation (Pty) Ltd
Investments Makana Investment KZN (Pty) Ltd
Investments M akana Investment Northern Cape (Pty) Ltd
Stationery Makana Stationery and Supplies (Pty) Ltd
Infrastructure Manumit Corporation (Pty) Ltd
Investments [Deregistration process] Mevana Investments (Pty) Ltd
Media MRC Media (Pty) Ltd
Investments [Deregistration process] Ndonsa Investments (Pty) Ltd
Marketing Octagon Marketing (Pty) Ltd
Manufacturing Primtele (Pty) Ltd
Investments [Deregistration process] Rioprox (Pty) Ltd
Investments Rotimode (Pty) Ltd
Media Shanike Investments No 42 (Pty) Ltd
Investments Sihayo Investments (Pty) Ltd
Manufacturing Sihayo Technology Holdings (Pty) Ltd
Piping Sikulu Piping Supply (Pty) Ltd
Tsutsuma Corporation (Pty) Ltd Investment [Re-instatement process]
Investments [Deregistration process] Zatotex (Pty) Ltd
Investments [Deregistration process] Zokuflash (Pty) Ltd
Logistics Odfjell Terminals SA (Pty) Ltd
Property Makana Property Corporation (Pty) Ltd
Investments Miaway (Pty) Ltd
Mining Ikgodiso Minerals (Pty) Ltd
Investments Botoka Mahlatsi (Pty) Ltd
Financial services Makana Financial Services (Pty) Ltd
Investments Mboneni Trust
Investments Phakathwayo Trust


Location Extent Description
Sandton +-2 000sq.m. House [50%]
Pietermaritzburg +-8 000sq.m. House
Durban +-4 000sq.m. House [50%]

Committee appearances

  • National Treasury and South African Revenue Service on their Quarter 3 performance 28 Mar 2017

    Mr S Buthelezi (ANC) asked how much, in value terms, outsourcing was costing the Treasury. He also asked if a competent replacement for Mr Kenneth Brown, former Chief Procurement Officer, had been found. He asked how the central procurement office dealt with the varied requirements from various departments. He asked ...
  • Transformation of the Financial Sector: hearings 22 Mar 2017

    Mr S Buthelezi (ANC) observed that submissions confirmed that there was little transformation within the financial services sector. It was important to have discussions around financial sector transformation as it affects all the sectors of the economy. He asked Mr Naidoo to shed some light on the ownership structure and ...
  • Mandatory Audit Firm Rotation: public hearing 17 Mar 2017

    Mr S Buthelezi (ANC) said that government was concerned that the business sector was not yet transformed and was over concentrated, and that was the context of MAFR. The Big Four firms were an oligopoly, and oligopolies constituted a market failure. There was need to regulate and address monopolistic tendencies ...
  • Illicit Financial Flows: public hearings 15 Mar 2017

    Mr S Buthelezi (ANC) suggested that the different arms of government should take IFFs seriously and take decisions on the mechanism that could be used to catch perpetrators, Even when laws are put made they needed to enforced to ensure progress on prosecuting the perpetrators of IFFs because IFFs were ...
  • Transformation of Financial Sector 14 Mar 2017

    Mr S Buthelezi (ANC) observed that DTI had reported that there was lack of adequate data and information on transformation. He asked DTI which agency was supposed to collate the data and information. He asked DTI to state its position on the status of transformation in the financial sector based ...

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