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  • Uthukela District Municipality: state of municipalities 10 Mar 2021

    Ms S Buthelezi (IFP) said she was unhappy with the responses that had been provided by the Mayor about the participation of traditional leaders per legislation. She had not grasped anything that had been said. She did, however, note the information on traditional leaders having been provided with service tools. ...
  • District Development Model: DCoG Update on Implementation 23 Feb 2021

    Ms S Buthelezi (IFP) said it was imperative that the Committee saw the report on the pilot models in the presentation. CoGTA’s annual report indicated a trend toward overspending and underachievement of programmes. Had funds already been earmarked, and what exactly was the allocated amount of those funds? There should ...
  • Financial Sector Regulation “Twin Peaks” Bill [B35-2015]: deliberations 14 Sep 2016

    Mr S Buthelezi (IFP), on the issue of retired judges, said he would not like judges to be excluded, but they were not necessarily required.

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