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Committee Meetings Attended

  • Public Accounts (SCOPA) Home Affairs Unauthorised Expenditure: National Treasury briefing
    19 Nov 2014

    The Standing Committee on Public Accounts met with the National Treasury and the Department of Home Affairs as a follow-up meeting regarding the Unauthorized Expenditure of the Department Of Home Affairs. The feedback and engagement with the National Treasury and the Department would assist the Committee in making informed decisions ...

  • Public Accounts (SCOPA) Unauthorised expenditure by Departments of Trade and Industry, Home Affairs, & Presidency: National Treasury briefing
    11 Nov 2014

    The meeting covered a briefing on the unauthorised expenditure of three departments -- Trade and Industry, the Presidency and Home Affairs.

    National Treasury presented on the unauthorised expenditure of the Department of Trade and Industry, which totalled R37.3 million and included expenditure due to a court decision against the Department ...

  • Public Accounts (SCOPA) Auditor-General on audit outcomes for 2013/14
    29 Oct 2014

    The Auditor-General noted that the key auditing challenges were internal controls were not implemented, senior management teams did not respond to correct weaknesses, and there was a lack of consequences for managers who did not comply.

    There were internal audit deficiencies, especially with supply chain management. Leadership had to correct ...

  • Public Accounts (SCOPA) SCOPA: Preparation of Committee's Annual Plan
    28 Oct 2014

    The draft of the strategic plan for the Committee on Public Accounts (SCOPA) was discussed, with the focus mainly on the hearings and crafting of resolutions. The Auditor-General of South Africa (AGSA) presented the draft, and made it a priority for the Committee to provide a time frame. The dates ...

  • Public Accounts (SCOPA) Review of Committee Strategic Plan and Method of Work: AGSA briefing
    21 Oct 2014

    The Standing Committee on Public Accounts met for a review of its strategic plan and its method of work. A delegation from the Office of the Auditor-General of South Africa interacted with Members of the Committee and a Parliament Researcher for the review, advising how the SCOPA should carry out ...

  • Public Accounts (SCOPA) Supply Chain Management: National Treasury briefing; Update on Association of Public Accounts 2014 Annual Conference
    17 Sep 2014

    In its effort to strengthen oversight and accountability, the Standing Committee on Public Accounts convened a meeting with the Office of the Chief Procurement Officer of the National Treasury to discuss matters around supply chain management such as its nature, the direction it is taking and challenges it is facing. ...

  • Public Accounts (SCOPA) Unauthorised Expenditure: Department of Trade and Industry briefing
    27 Aug 2014

    The National Treasury (NT) was supposed to brief the Committee on unauthorised expenditure, as requested by the Department of Trade and Industry, the Department of Home Affairs and the Presidency.   However, the National Treasury did not come to the meeting, and no information was provided to the Committee about the ...

  • Public Accounts (SCOPA) Unauthorised, irregular and fruitless expenditure and supply chain issues: National Treasury briefing
    26 Aug 2014

    The Accountant General and National Treasury briefed the Committee on the definitions of spending that was unauthorised, irregular, fruitless or wasteful, giving, in each case, examples to illustrate how this spending would be found, how it would be regarded, and how it could be regularised. The Accountant-General made the point ...

  • Public Accounts (SCOPA) Auditor-General South Africa briefing on its products and reports, five-year audit outcomes, PFMA compliance
    19 Aug 2014

    The Chairperson congratulated Ms Ratsela, the newly appointed Deputy Auditor-General (the first woman to hold this position) and Mr Sass, the new Accountant General, on their appointments.

    The Auditor-General South Africa (AGSA) presented a report to SCOPA, outlining its constitutional mandate to strengthen and support democracy by enabling oversight, accountability ...

  • Public Accounts (SCOPA) Committee Strategic Plan and Processes; Committee Programme
    2 Jul 2014

    The Committee met briefy to discuss several issues, including its programme, the roles of the various staff members and its strategic plan and processes.

    The Committee was scheduled to meet the following week; however it agreed to put its meetings on hold until 1 August due to the number of ...