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Ricardo Denver Mackenzie

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Mr Mackenzie is a Member of the Public Accounts and Budget Committee in the Western Cape Legislature

2019 committee attendance as mp

75% attendance rate

Attended 40 meetings out of 53

2018 committee attendance as mp

100% attendance rate

Attended 32 meetings out of 32

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Committee appearances

  • Committee Minutes 3 Dec 2019

    Mr R Mackenzie (DA) seconded.
  • Western Cape Adjustments Appropriation Bill: Department of Social Development 28 Nov 2019

    Mr R Mackenzie (DA) sought clarity about programme one (1), provision of machinery and IT refresh. On programme one (2), Corporate Management Services, he wanted more information on the R2.2 million realigned due to changes in training and development classification. On funds reprioritised as a result of delays in ...
  • Western Cape Adjustments Appropriation Bill: Department of Premier 27 Nov 2019

    The Chairperson said that the purpose of the meeting was to deliberate on the adjustments to the Appropriation Budget for the Department of the Premier. The Chairperson asked Mr Alan Winde, Premier of the Western Cape, and the new Director-General to say a few words before continuing with proceedings.
  • Western Cape Adjustments Appropriation Bill: Department of Health budget 27 Nov 2019

    Mr R Mackenzie (DA) noted the R1.9 million roll-over for Programme 6: Health and Sciences Training on p107 and asked what the department was doing to reduce the high student failure rate. He asked for an explanation of the statement; “the re-introduction of bursaries for such students, after they ...
  • Division of Revenue Amendment Bill: Final Mandates 26 Nov 2019

    Mr R Mackenzie (DA) said that several provinces had raised the issue of equitable share, and the response from the NT was inadequate and disappointing, to say the least. The response by the Chairperson of the Select Committee was also very disappointing, as she had merely indicated that more must ...

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