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Committee Meetings Attended

  • Finance Standing Committee 2014 Medium Term Budget Policy Statement: briefing by Minister of Finance, with Deputy Minister in attendance
    23 Oct 2014

    The Minister remarked that the budget policy framework and spending priorities of government for the following three years was produced under trying and unenviable conditions. The Director General explained that the global outlook remained uneven, and that the South African current account and fiscal deficits caused the country to depend ...

  • Standing Committee on Appropriations Status & effectiveness of student funding: DHET ; NSFAS, HESA, FFC, HSRC & Stats SA briefings
    21 Oct 2014

    The briefing by the Department of Higher Education indicated that NSFAS funding fell short of demand. Some universities spread smaller awards to a larger number of students, a practice called “top slicing”. The cost to family and state of higher education had escalated over the years. The cost of higher ...

  • Standing Committee on Appropriations Committee Report on Financial and Fiscal Commission 20th Anniversary Conference
    17 Sep 2014

    Summary to follow

  • Standing Committee on Appropriations Department of Health on 1st Quarter Performance; Department of Cooperative Governance on Municipal Infrastructure Grant, Community Work Programme & 1st Quarter Performance
    10 Sep 2014

    The Department of Health (DoH) briefed the Standing Committee and Members of the Health Portfolio Committee and the Chairperson on expenditure for the first quarter. The Committees were told that there was slow spending on the National Health Insurance (NHI) grant. Major contributors to underspending of conditional grants were the ...

  • Standing Committee on Appropriations Department of Transport on 1st Quarter Expenditure Performance, with Deputy Minister
    9 Sep 2014

    The Select Committee on Appropriations was briefed by the Department of Transport (DOT) on its first quarter expenditure patterns for the 2014/15 financial year.  Details were given of the expenditure, broken down by programme and by economic classification. The Department had a total budget for the year of R48.727 billion, ...

  • Standing Committee on Appropriations Standing Committee on Appropriations Strategic Plan & Planning Session Report
    27 Aug 2014

    The Committee’s Content Advisor presented the Committee’s Draft Strategic Planning Document to Members. The gist of the presentation was to take the issues raised at the Committee’s planning session, and to turn them into activities for the Committee.

    There were altogether four priority issues which were elaborated upon. The priority ...

  • Standing Committee on Appropriations National Treasury First Quarter Expenditure Report for 2014/15
    26 Aug 2014

    The National Treasury briefed the Standing Committee on first quarter expenditure in the 2014/15 financial year. The highest level of underspending was in the Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs. Underspending of R6.4 billion was due to underspending on the capital programme, on local government grants and the cleanup ...

  • Standing Committee on Appropriations Appropriation Bill [B4-2014]: Committee Report
    22 Jul 2014

    The Committee met to consider for adoption the second draft of the Committee report on the 2014 Appropriation Bill.  The Committee had read through and considered the content of the first draft on 15 July.  However, there was considerable discussion about the content and procedure in the current meeting, as ...

  • Standing Committee on Appropriations Committee Report on 2014 Appropriation Bill
    16 Jul 2014

    The Appropriations Standing Committee report on the 2014 Appropriation Bill was first presented by the Committee Content Adviser, and then read through by the Committee, for comments. The report set out the context of the Bill, and provided an overview of it and the hearings held with the National Treasury, ...

  • Standing Committee on Appropriations Appropriation Bill: briefing by National Treasury
    4 Jul 2014

    The National Treasury gave a presentation on the 2014 Appropriation Bill. Fiscal policy was guided by counter-cyclicality, debt sustainability and intergenerational fairness. Payments for financial assets was the fastest declining area of expenditure. Payments for capital assets grew substantially. Compensation of employees growth declined strongly. Growth in transfers and subsidies ...

  • Standing Committee on Appropriations Election of the Chairperson; Committee Programme
    25 Jun 2014

    Mr S Mashitile (ANC) was elected as Committee Chairperson. The main purpose of the committee was to monitor government departments’ expenditure. In so doing, it would assist in directing the expenditure towards specific priorities, and avoid wasteful expenditure. The draft programme was adopted. The programme covers briefings by stakeholders on ...