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Phumzile Thelma Van Damme

About Phumzile Thelma Van Damme

Ms Van Damme majored in Political Science and Law at Rhodes University. She joined the DA as a political staffer a few months after the 2009 election and worked as a DA staffer both for the party and DA-run governments for five years largely in research and media. She is the former Head of Parliamentary Research and Communications for the DA. She was elected to Parliament in 2014 and, during this time, served as Shadow Minister of Communications

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2020 committee attendance as mp

100% attendance rate

Attended 9 meetings out of 9

2019 committee attendance as mp

62% attendance rate

Attended 13 meetings out of 21

2018 committee attendance as mp

81% attendance rate

Attended 22 meetings out of 27

2017 committee attendance as mp

69% attendance rate

Attended 34 meetings out of 49

2016 committee attendance as mp

74% attendance rate

Attended 32 meetings out of 43

2015 committee attendance as mp

58% attendance rate

Attended 14 meetings out of 24

2014 committee attendance as mp

(From the start of the Fifth Parliament)

88% attendance rate

Attended 7 meetings out of 8

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  • Minister/Deputy Minister attendance is not compulsory.
  • MP attendance is compulsory unless an apology is given
  • MPs are recorded as absent whether they have, or have not submitted apologies.
  • This is not the official committee attendance record of Parliament.
  • Plenary Attendance is not made public by Parliament although it has been requested.

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Parliament Register of Members' Interests 2018 [Source]


Description Sponsor
High Level Visit to Germany for Election Day German Government
Study tour to Brussels and the Hague to learn about the ICC Friedrich Naumann Foundation


Avicenna Academy of Leadership

Parliament Register of Members' Interests 2017 [Source]


Description Sponsor
Study Tour on ICC to Netherlands and Belgium Friedrich Naumann Foundation


British Airways
SAA (Airways)

Parliament Register of Members' Interests 2016 [Source]


Source Description Value
SAB Capoe Town Jazz Festival [1 day pass] Unknown

Parliament Register of Members' Interests 2015 [Source]


Description Sponsor
Dialogue Forum: Emerging Markets to represent the DA Forum held in Beunos Aires, Argentina Friedrich Naumann Stiftung

Committee appearances

  • (Subcommittee) ICASA Interviews Day 3 27 Feb 2020

    Ms P Van Damme (DA) remarked that the candidate is knowledgeable on competition and market analysis, and would like to assess her knowledge of the broadcasting sector. She asked if the candidate thinks the elections broadcast regulations should base coverage equitably or ranked according to electoral support or be determined ...
  • ICASA Interviews: Subcommittee, Day 2 26 Feb 2020

    Ms P Van Damme (DA) asked the candidate what his ideas were on the future of the sector and the big changes that would take place. She asked what the Fourth Industrial Revolution was.
  • ICASA Interviews: Subcommittee, Day 1 25 Feb 2020

    Ms P Van Damme (DA) said that she did not have a question, but merely wanted to say that she had listened to Dr Lewis and thinks that he has the knowledge and expertise which is required in the industry. She wanted to see candidates with grit who could defend ...
  • Department & GCIS 2019/20 Quarter 2 & 3 performances; Process of convergence of entities & appointment process of Board members of SOEs 18 Feb 2020

    Ms P van Damme (DA) said that there were media reports in the last week that stated the SA Post Office (SAPO) was unable to pay grants. She asked the DTPS to comment on the matter.
  • ICASA Council vacancies: Subcommitte shortlisting of candidates 11 Feb 2020

    Ms P van Damme (DA) raised concern over proceeding with the short-listing process while nine candidates were still awaiting verification. She mentioned the possibility of the remaining nine candidates taking Parliament to court if they were not considered by the Sub-committee. In future, it would be advisable that only short-listed ...

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  • Questions asked to the Minister of Communications 25 Sep 2019

    1. What reasons did a certain official (name and details furnished) give for resigning; 2. Whether she has found that there was no undue political interference in the specified person’s decision to resign; if not; (a) will the alleged undue political interference be investigated and (b) what action will ...
  • Questions asked to the Minister of Telecommunications, Postal Services and Communications 19 Mar 2019

    (1)What radio stations in each province benefited from Government Communication and Information System (GCIS) procurement of airtime on behalf of government departments (a) in the (i) 2016-17 and (ii) 2017-18 financial years and (b) since 1 April 2018; (2) what amount has the GCIS spent on each specified radio ...
  • Questions asked to the Minister of Communications, Telecommunications and Postal Services 19 Mar 2019

    Whether the SA Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) has awarded any sponsorships to any (a) events, (b) organisations and/or (c) other activities since 1 October 2017; if so, (i) which events, organisations and/or other activities were sponsored by the SABC, (ii) what was the total amount of each sponsorship in ...

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    Deputy Speaker ...

  • WRC19. 10 Jul 2019

    Hey, she said so. Princess Stella's attitude was unfortunately not limited to the red carpet. It became patently clear that the Minister thought herself to be a fairytale princess to whom all must bow.

    Her approach and treatment of the SA Broadcasting Corporation, SABC, is indeed of one who ...

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