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Phillip Matsapole Pogiso Modise


  • BBBEE Forever Consortium: DPE briefing 31 Jul 2019

    Ms M Modise (ANC) said she was confused as to why the Department did not at least have a copy of the shareholder agreement. It was supposed to have had a copy at today’s meeting. It was the owner of that property. It was supposed to have everything that ...
  • Environment, Forestry and Fisheries Budget: Committee Report 10 Jul 2019

    Mr P Modise (ANC) moved for the adoption of the agenda as is.
  • Departments of Environmental Affairs, Forestry and Fisheries 2019/20 Annual Performance Plan 3 Jul 2019

    Mr P Modise (ANC) said he took issue with the Minister’s comments on the plans for Fisheries and Forestry having to be delayed until October, as that meant another four to five months would go by. The DG had not spoken in fine detail about the youth placed in ...
  • Election of Chairperson 2 Jul 2019

    Mr P Modise (ANC) nominated Mr F Xasa (ANC) as Chairperson. Ms S Mbatha (ANC) seconded nomination of Mr Xasa.
  • Election of Chairperson 26 Jun 2019

    Ms L Bebee (ANC, KwaZulu-Natal) nominated Ms M Modise (ANC,North West) for Chairperson.
  • Electronic Communications Security (Pty) Ltd Bill; National Strategic Intelligence Amendment Bill; Intelligence Services Control 15 Oct 2002

    Ms Modise (ANC) stated that she saw no reason for prohibiting ComSec from acquiring shares in even Telkom and Transtel, if it has the interests of the country at heart. The loophole cautioned against by Mr Ferreira used to occur under the previous dispensation, but that dispensation did not have ...
  • Discussion With US War College Personnel 6 Mar 2002

    Ms Modise (ANC) commented that the US military conducting research on African security issues is troubling. Mr Ndlovu (IFP) also expressed concern, and wondered how the product of the research is disseminated and used.
  • Discussion With US War College Personnel 6 Mar 2002

    Ms Modise (ANC) observed that the Navy cruises as far as Tanzania on the African east coast, and up to Namibia on the west, as well as having a role in protecting SA fisheries and stopping drug trafficking. The importance of maintaining effective naval capabilities was reiterated by the Chair ...
  • Discussion With US War College Personnel 6 Mar 2002

    Mr Smit (DP) added that the arms deal controversy had demonstrated that there is much room for improvement in the procurement system itself, and in the system of dealing with irregularities that arose, for instance, concerning former Chief Whip Yengeni and procurement personnel such as Mr Chippy Shaik. In this ...
  • Joint Investigation Report into Strategic Defence Procurement Packages 27 Nov 2001

    Ms Modise (ANC) said that Adv Schmidt is correct that the Committee had agreed that it was necessary to have the DoD and Armscor clarify certain issues. The Report had been tabled and unpleasant things have been uncovered. The Committee must deal with the Report and express an opinion. There ...