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Petrus Jacobus Marais

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  • Department of the Premier 2018/19 Annual Report 10 Oct 2019

    Mr P Marais (FFP) requested an explanation for the figures in table 4.2.2 relating to the Centre for e-Innovation, as it did not add up. He queried whether the Department factored in the underspending of the different departments in relation to being underfunded in terms of the equity ...
  • WCED district officers on status of schools in Cape Winelands, Eden, Central Karoo, Overberg & West Coast 20 Aug 2019

    Mr P Marais (FF) asked why there was such a huge district. Who determined this and what were the criteria? Did it negatively affect the schools and the way that things were managed within a specific area? He knew that the Department had said that the Municipal Demarcation Board played ...
  • Committee Business 30 Jul 2019

    Mr P Marais (FF) said that having been in the position of MEC for Local Government for quite some time, he took a keen interest in local government. Mr Paulse spoke about service delivery, risk management, capacity building, new legislation, and the continued changing of legislation by national government. Mr ...
  • Department of Public Enterprises on its Annual Performance Plan 10 May 2017

    Mr P Marais (DA) asked when SAFCOLs investment in Mozambique would start showing returns.

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