Pemmy Castelina Pamela Majodina

Member of the National Assembly

Formerly: Eastern Cape Provincial Legislature

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Pemmy Castelina Pamela Majodina

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About Pemmy Castelina Pamela Majodina

Pemmy Majodina was born in a rural town of Sterkspruit which is situated in region which used to be called Ukhahlamba but was renamed Joe Gqabi who was one of the African National Congress stalwarts from Eastern Cape Province. She is a proud and dedicated mother of 2 biological children and 7 adopted. MEC Majodina is an educator by profession with a far reaching history in politics serving in various levels of the organisation from Regional Executives, Provincial Executives and National Executives of Student Movement (SASCO), Youth Movement (ANCYL), Women’s Movement (ANCWL), SACP and ANC.

A staunch servant of the African National Congress (ANC) she served on its military wing uMkhonto Wesizwe as an underground operative.

She was later deployed by the ANC to serve as leader in various capacities: • 1994-2004, she was elected to serve in the National Parliament serving in National Council of Provinces (NCOP) representing Eastern Cape Province. She became a Chairperson of Public Service Select Committee. She also served in Judicial Service Commission.

• In 2004 joined Eastern Cape Legislature (ECPL), a position she occupied to date and served in the following multiple positions: • 2004-2008 Chairperson of Roads and Public Works Portfolio Committee • 2008 to 2009, Eastern Cape MEC for Health. • 2009 to 2010, Eastern Cape MEC for Department of Roads and Public Works • 2010 to 2014, Eastern Cape MEC for Social Development and Special Programmes (Women, Children, Older Person and People with Disabilities) • 2014 to 2018 Eastern Cape MEC for Sport, Recreation, Arts and Culture • 10 May 2018 appointed as MEC for Public Works

In 2010, MEC Majodina was awarded with an Honory Doctorate by Arlington University of Australia, on Community Development. This is a non-disciplinary nosy recognition for work done, not in any Traditional Discipline, in any Higher Institution of Learning but is awarded in Recognition of a substantial contribution, sacrifice and passion of human condition especially those in destitute and vulnerable. In 2011, she was again awarded a Reverend Baartman Award for Serving People with Distinction to bring back their dignity from the Methodist Church of Southern Africa, Circuit 319, Queenstown District.

On the 14 January 2015 she was awarded with Global Humanitarian Award in United States of America by Human Rights Activist, Reverend Jesse Jackson. Pemmy Majodina comes from a strong Christian background and she is a full member of Methodist Church of Southern Africa at Bensonvale Circuit, KNB District where she is also a local preacher and a member of Women’s Manyano.

MEC Majodina is currently a member of ANC National Executive Committee elected in 2017 National Conference at NASREC. Lo sithetha ngaye nguMandlangisa, uThole, uDuma kaMthombeni, uGqagqane, uMzimshe, uMfingo. Ms Pemmy Majodina is the Eastern Cape MEC for Public Works.

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64% attendance rate (7 of 11 )

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100% attendance rate (5 of 5 )

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75% attendance rate (6 of 8 )

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Ms P Majodina (ANC), Chief Whip, said that she welcomed the report and fully agreed that parliamentary questions were important ...

Ms P Majodina (ANC) greeted all present and the parliamentary staff. Having listened to and read the submission from the ...

Ms P Majodina (ANC) said that Mr Nxumalo has not attended any of the meetings of the Rules Committee, and ...

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It is because we don't see the clock, but I'm concluding, Chairperson.

We discovered that there are more taverns than churches. That is why we have campaigns to fight drug ...

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Type of Business Activity Directorship/Partnership in any Corporate Body



Value Description Source

R60 000

2000 Facial Masks

MTN Foundation

Description of Property Location – Area Extent of the Property

2x Sites House 69A Macacuma Village Sterkspruit


R 2.8 million

Public/Private Source



Nature Name of Company Number of Shares Nominal Value





Description of Journey Sponsor



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Extent Description of Assistance/Sponsorship Source of Sponsorship

50 Blankets R180 x 50 100 Hampers R200 x 100

Blankets and Grocery

Alimdaad Foundation

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Value Description Source

R129 per pair

600 School Shoes

MTN SA Foundation which was donated to 4x schools in Cape Town and 1 x school in EC together with bicycles as part of Mandela Month

R3800 per bicycle

Sox Bicycles

R42 300

4 Computerjectors

R249 each

300 Mandela Shirts

Seeme Printers to Celebrate Mandela Day

Description of Property Location – Area Extent of the Property

Family Household

Sterkspruit Eastern Cape

Site Double

Jamestown (underdeveloped)


Jamestown (underdeveloped)