Mr Patrick Sindane

Member of the National Assembly

Formerly: Gauteng Provincial Legislature

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Patrick Sindane

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Mr P Sindane (EFF) apologised for coming late and said that he is interested in the LDS where 11 500 ...

Mr P Sindane (EFF) asked why the percentage of youth supported is still sitting at 14%, and how many in ...

Mr Sindane (DME) replied that there was an immediate problem in relation to solar panels. There was an initiative to ...

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Whether he is considering the parole application of (certain person) held in Worcester Correctional Facility and (certain person) held at ...

(a) What total number of (i)(aa) prison officials and (bb) inmates have been affected by COVID-19 to date and (ii) ...

What number of police stations(a) had to be closed since the first reported case of confirmed Covid-19 in the SA ...

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Hon Chair, Zone 20 Phase 1 is an RDP area located in Sebokeng, Ward 2 of Emfuleni Local Municipality. The houses were built in the 1990s with foundations ... [Inaudible.] ...

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