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Committee appearances

  • 2019 Appropriation Bill: proposed amendments & Committee Report 19 Jul 2019

    Mr O Mathafa (ANC) suggested that the Chairperson accept the document as it was, because the legal opinion had helped to provide clarity. He had had reservations on a number of issues, but after the legal advisor’s explanations, he understood.
  • Legacy Report; Committee Programme 10 Jul 2019

    Mr O Mathafa (ANC) said it would be crucial to take on the outstanding issues and to support the AG in workshops. Challenges must be identified, and the Committee must know how to support the AG in solving them. The biggest challenges for the AG were mainly structural and financial ...
  • 2019 Appropriation Bill: Parliamentary Budget Office briefing 9 Jul 2019

    Mr O Mathafa (ANC) said monitoring and evaluation of government programmes was a big challenge. He asked if the appropriation for the Department of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation was sufficient. He said the 12% allocation to economic development was low. Spending on social grants was increasing rapidly. What interventions could ...
  • Training and Induction on Committee’s role and budget process; Legacy Report 4 Jul 2019

    Mr O Mathafa (ANC) enquired about the link between SCoA and the executive. As ScoA and other committees were established by Parliament as part of the legislature, who did it go to when it encountered challenges? Furthermore, did SCoA act as a responsive or proactive committee, since spending happened after ...
  • Election of Chairperson; Draft Programme 2 Jul 2019

    Mr O Mathafa (ANC) moved that the programme be adopted.

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