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Mr Shivambu (born 1 January 1983) is the Deputy President and Chief Whip of the EFF. He was born in Malamulele, Limpopo.

Mr Shivambu graduated from Mphambo High School in Malamulele in 2001, and went on to study at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg. He earned a Bachelor's degree as well as an Honours Degree in Political Studies and International Relations. Mr Shivambu went on to graduate with a Master's degree, with distinction, in political studies in 2014.In his third year at the University of the Witwatersrand, Mr Shivambu was elected president of the university's Student Representative Body and joined the ANC Youth League.

2019 committee attendance as mp

56% attendance rate

Attended 5 meetings out of 9

2018 committee attendance as mp

91% attendance rate

Attended 39 meetings out of 43

2017 committee attendance as mp

34% attendance rate

Attended 44 meetings out of 129

2016 committee attendance as mp

21% attendance rate

Attended 30 meetings out of 141

2015 committee attendance as mp

20% attendance rate

Attended 27 meetings out of 137

2014 committee attendance as mp

(From the start of the Fifth Parliament)

33% attendance rate

Attended 21 meetings out of 63

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  • MPs are recorded as absent whether they have, or have not submitted apologies.
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Committee appearances

  • Financial Matters Amendment Bill: Treasury response to stakeholders; Banks Amendment Bill 6 Mar 2019

    The Chairperson welcomed everyone and indicated that following engagements on amendments to the Banks Act the previous day, the ANC was opposed to Parliament having a role to play in the licensing of state banks. There were two Banks Bills before the Committee, Mr F Shivambu (EFF) and Treasury’s ...
  • Financial Matters Amendment Bill: deliberations 5 Mar 2019

    Mr F Shivambu (EFF) said the Private Members’ Bill (Banks Amendment Bill) was broadly addressing the question of the permissibility of having a state bank. The qualifications highlighted by Treasury were immaterial because those must be part of the conditions for granting a banking licence. The matter was being dragged ...
  • Financial Matters Amendment Bill: deliberations 5 Mar 2019

    brought forth by Mr F Shivambu (EFF). In fairness to Mr Shivambu, the Committee would need to vote on his Bill. He asked Treasury to highlight the differences between its proposed amendments to the Banks Act and Mr Shivambu’s Banks Bill.
  • 2019 Budget: public hearings 27 Feb 2019

    Mr Carrim welcomed everyone and indicated that following consultations with powers that be, the view was it would not be possible to process the Financial Matters Bill fully in time before the National Council of Provinces rises on 28 March, given the National Assembly rises on 20 March. There have ...
  • Deputy Speaker ruling concerning comments by Mr Malema 22 Feb 2019

    Mr F Shivambu (EFF) had written to the Speaker to express his party’s dissatisfaction with these rulings and contended that Section 58 of the Constitution was affording Members the right to free speech. The Speaker had written to Mr Shivambu to indicate she had referred the matter to the ...

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  • Questions asked to the President of the Republic 20 Feb 2019

    Whether the donors of his political campaign to become president of his political organisation are holders of government contracts; if so, in each case, (a) what are their names and (b) which government contracts do they hold?
  • Questions asked to the President of the Republic 20 Feb 2019

    Whether, with reference to his reply to question 19 for oral reply on 6 November 2018 and his further clarification to his reply through his letter of 14 November 2018, Bosasa’s donation of R500 000 was returned; if not, why not; if so, (a) to whom in Bosasa and ...
  • Questions asked to the President of the Republic 10 Dec 2018

    (1)Whether, with reference to the additional information he provided in respect of oral question 19 on Friday, 16 November 2018, he received any donation in his official capacity from African Global Operations (Bosasa) since his term in the office of the Presidency; if not, what is the position in ...

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Plenary appearances

  • NO451E 4 Mar 2015

    Come back with Hansard. There won't be any withdrawal or any apology.

  • NO451E 4 Mar 2015

    It is a fact we must remind you of. [Interjections.]

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