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Ms Mente began her professional career as a bodyguard to the then mayor of Cape Town. She was a "barefoot lawyer" in the township of Khayelitsha and assists workers who have had their rights abused in different ways in the work place. Ms Mente was one of 15 volunteers who worked with the advisory office LAMEC (Labour Community Advice Media and Education Centre) in Khayelitsha. The organisation is a part of World Workers Media Production and has educated union activists in media production since 1997.



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Residential 3 Bedroomed House Parklands, Cape Town

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Residential Cape Town

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South African Police Service Public

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  • Questions asked to the Minister of Health 31 Aug 2020

    (a) What number of public health facilities in the country are designated facilities for sterilisation, (b) what is the name of each specified facility and (c) where is each facility located?
  • Questions asked to the President of the Republic 27 Aug 2020

    Whether he has been informed that Andrew Babeile, who was sentenced for stabbing a fellow white pupil after racial violence at his school in Vryburg in 1999, is struggling to secure a sustainable job because of the criminal record he carries; if so, (2) whether his Office has considered giving ...
  • Questions asked to the Minister in The Presidency for Women, Youth and Persons with Disabilities 7 Aug 2020

    Following the release of the report by the Commission of Gender Equity with regard to the treacherous and inhumane sterilisation of HIV-positive women, some dating back to 1997, what steps has she taken to ensure that (a) no woman is ever forced to undergo this dehumanising practice and (b) those ...

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    Hayi ndifuna ukuxelela uMbhexeshi oyiNtloko ukuba...

    USOMLOMO: Hayi xa ufuna ukuxelela umntu...

    English: do not raise a point of order.

  • Ndp. 21 Jul 2014

    Centralising procurement is not a solution, because it will just increase the red tape and centralise corruption. The Presidential Hotline management is in such a poor state that no area can vouch for the assistance granted to it due to this hotline.

    Turnaround times have to be as quick as ...

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