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Nokulunga Primrose Sonti

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2018 committee attendance as mp

56% attendance rate

Attended 5 meetings out of 9

2017 committee attendance as mp

52% attendance rate

Attended 13 meetings out of 25

2016 committee attendance as mp

73% attendance rate

Attended 16 meetings out of 22

2015 committee attendance as mp

65% attendance rate

Attended 15 meetings out of 23

2014 committee attendance as mp

(From the start of the Fifth Parliament)

93% attendance rate

Attended 13 meetings out of 14

  • Attendance records reflect Committee not Plenary Attendance
  • Minister/Deputy Minister attendance is not compulsory.
  • MP attendance is compulsory unless an apology is given
  • MPs are recorded as absent whether they have, or have not submitted apologies.
  • This is not the official committee attendance record of Parliament.
  • Plenary Attendance is not made public by Parliament although it has been requested.

DISCLAIMER: This information has been obtained via the Parliamentary Monitoring Group. PMG makes every effort to compile reliable and comprehensive information, but does not claim that the data is 100% accurate and complete.



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Parliament Register of Members' Interests 2014 [Source]


Location Extent Description
Wonderkop 1 Bedroomed House

Committee appearances

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  • Questions asked to the Minister of Social Development 3 Sep 2018

    What is the (a) name of each investing company that has invested on land owned by (i) her department and (ii) each entity reporting to her and (b)(i) nature, (ii) value and (iii) length of each investment?
  • Questions asked to the Minister of Social Development 3 Sep 2018

    Whether her department has put any measures in place to ensure that there will be no problems in the issuing of grants going forward, which may result in beneficiaries not receiving their grants; if not, what are the implications thereof on the welfare of grant beneficiaries; if so, what are ...
  • Questions asked to the Minister of Social Development 3 Sep 2018

    What is the total number of social grant recipients who received their grants after the scheduled date in (a) June, (b) July and (c) August 2018?

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Plenary appearances

  • Workers Lost And Capitalists Won At Marikana (Member's Statement) 24 Jun 2014

    Ndiyanibulisa nonke bahloniphekileyo kule Ndlu yoWiso- mthetho. Mna ndifuna ukuqonda ukuba kanye-kanye ngubani ophumeleleyo eMarikana? Ingaba ngabasebenzi okanye oongxowankulu? KwiNtetho kaMongameli engoBume beSizwe sabuza umbuzo singamalungu e-EFF wokuba kuphethe bani? Ingaba kuphethe abasemagunyeni kwezopolitiko okanye oongxowankulu? Sabuza loo mbuzo kuba iimfuno zabasebenzi azikafezeki. Babuyele emsebenzini ngenxa yendlala. Oku kuthetha ukuba ...

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