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  • Questions asked to the Minister of Health 17 Sep 2020

    (a) By what date does his department intend to build the gateway clinic that the George Mukhari Hospital management requested his department to build in order to take care of the health needs of the community and lessen the burden on the hospital and (b) what plans are put in ...
  • Questions asked to the Minister of Health 31 Aug 2020

    With reference to the open letter written to him by a nurse at SS Gida Hospital in Keiskammahoek in the Eastern Cape in June 2020 (details furnished), detailing the level of neglect at that hospital, which included a lack of personal protective equipment (PPEs) and in-hospital infection of patients by ...
  • Questions asked to the Minister of Health 31 Aug 2020

    In view of the fact that 4 800 healthcare workers were infected by Covid-19 at the end of June 2020, what (a) is the flagging system that has been put in place by his department to administer the testing of workers and speedy results, (b) is the total number of ...

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  • STATE OF HOSPITAL IN FREE STATE (Member's Statement) 10 Sep 2019

    The state of the national hospital in Bloemfontein is shocking and embarrassing. The Minister of Health, member of the executive council, MEC, and the officials in the department must just bury their heads in shame, because the patients in these hospitals are drinking contaminated water. They are bathing in cold ...

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