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  • Municipal Systems Amendment Bill: deliberations 2 Sep 2003

    Mr Musa (SALGA) suggested that provision be made to empower municipalities to call an extra-ordinary meeting where it deems necessary to correct certain excesses on the part of a municipal entity.
  • Municipal Systems Amendment Bill: deliberations 27 Aug 2003

    Mr Musa (SALGA) asked whether the FFC has the necessary capacity to assess the financial implications of these assignment.
  • Municipal Systems Amendment Bill: deliberations 22 Aug 2003

    Mr Musa (SAGA) pleaded for the Committee's indulgence to enable him go and consult before he can report back on the position SALGA prefers to take.
  • Municipal Systems Amendment Bill: deliberations 20 Aug 2003

    Mr Musa (SALGA) expressed strong objection to the proposed amendment noting that the requirement for a feasibility study is hugely prescriptive to the extent that it introduces too much regulation by the central government in the affairs of municipal authorities.
  • Municipal Systems Amendment Bill: briefing 19 Aug 2003

    Mr Musa (SALGA) stated that the principles outlined in the consolidation period or process seems to give mixed messages. The one message states that appropriate intervention has to be ensured to strengthen the viability of the municipality when it comes to assignments, and this is welcomed. Yet at the same ...

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